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Beast Brawl Hatch Raise Rpg Mod

Beast Brawl MOD Apk Download 152 (Free Shopping, Chest)


App Info of Beast Brawl

App Name

Beast Brawl


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Shopping, Chest

About Beast Brawl

Download Beast Brawl MOD APK which has a free shopping feature. You can buy chests, gems, relics, beasts, and gears from the shop without spending any resources or in-game currencies. It allows you to build your strongest beast team with the best relics & skills of the highest level. You can easily download the latest version of the Beast Brawl MOD APK Free Shopping from this post using the download button. 

Overview of Beast Brawl

Beast Brawl MOD APK (1)
Beast Brawl MOD APK (1)

Beast Brawl is a role-playing game full of action offered by Baikun Interactive. It’s a recently released game on the Play Store and is still in the early access phase. It features 60 unique beasts with 720 different skills, hundreds of gears with five different types & qualities, and 5 types of gems to enchant the relics. Players can complete its adventure mode, play endless survival, strike, hunt, chaos labyrinth, battle tower, co-op, and many other game modes. 


The story is about Eliphie who is the last water spirit. She lives peacefully in Nevaris with her beast. But that peace doesn’t last for long. Chaos starts spreading all over the Nevaris and starts consuming everything that falls in its path. Beasts who fall into Chaos’s path get petrified. Fortunately, beasts raised by you are immune to the Chaos’s petrification effect. Now, only you can fight against the hordes of monsters, save the Nevaris, and stop the Chaos from consuming everything. 


Beast Brawl MOD APK (2)
Beast Brawl MOD APK (2)

It’s a 2.5D game. In it, you will create a team of up to 4 beasts and start a stage on the map. There will be multiple rooms on the stage. And in each room, you will face hordes of varieties of monsters. Your character & beats will automatically attack the monsters when you stop moving. With each attack, you & your beasts’ skills will recharge. On fully recharged, you can cast the skills. 

You won’t be able to advance to the next room until you clear the current room. To do that, you will need to either kill all the monster hordes or survive the monster’s horde for a certain period. In a random room, you can select a rune to strengthen your beasts or heal your HP. In the last room, you will face the monster boss. You will also find a petrified beast that you can summon to aid you in the current stage. 

Beast Brawl MOD APK (3)
Beast Brawl MOD APK (3)

While fighting against the monsters, you can change the gears, relics & skills, and upgrade the beasts in real-time. You can also customize your team after clearing the room. Monsters will drop gold, EXP, and, sometimes, gears on death. EXP is required to level your character, and gold is used to buy & upgrade various items. On clearing the stage, all the beasts will gain EXP too. 

Hatch & Raise 60 Unique Beasts

It includes 60 unique beats. Each beast has four skill sets, each set having 4 different skills. The second set of all beasts is passive and always stays in effect once unlocked. You can create countless unique teams using 60 beasts and various combinations of their skills. Also, you can equip gears & relics with them to increase their attribute stats. 

Beast Brawl MOD APK (4)
Beast Brawl MOD APK (4)

Beasts are divided into five classes based on their elementals – Solar, Frost, Storm, Blight, and Earth. Each class has advantages and disadvantages over each others. Here’s the cycle to show that – Solar➡Blight➡Earth➡Storm➡Frost➡Solar. You can use this cycle to select your beasts to have the advantage over your enemies. 

Beasts with an advantage have 15% more critical chance and a 50% more crushing hit chance. Crushing hits deal 25% more damage than normal to the enemies. If the beasts are matched against disadvantaged-element beasts, their critical chance will be decreased by 15% and have a 50% miss-hit chance. Miss hits deal 25% less damage to enemies. 

Test Your Beat Team in Endless Survival

If you ever want to try out your beasts’ team and check out their strength, play the endless survival mode. You will face endless waves of monster hordes until you die. Let’s see how many waves you can clear. Also, you will get rewards for clearing a certain number of waves. 

MOD Version of Beast Brawl

Beast Brawl MOD removes all the restrictions related to purchasing items in the game by providing you with the free shopping feature. Below, we have explained this feature in detail. 

Free Shopping

As you all know, high-star eggs cost a lot of glimmers in the shop in the official version. But it takes months to collect enough glimmers to buy them. Therefore, in this MOD, we have added the free shopping feature. You can toggle it whenever you want from the MOD menu. When activated, you can buy anything from the shop for free. It will not cost you anything. You can also buy all the incubators for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many game modes are available in this game?

It has adventure mode, a battle tower, endless survival, strike, hunt, co-op, chaos labyrinth, and many other game modes. 

What features are included in the Beast Brawl MOD APK?

It includes a free shopping feature that allows you to buy any item from the shop for free. 

How to Install?

  • Download the APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Thank you for visiting and reading the post. Beast Brawl MOD APK is a great game with 8+ game modes and 60 unique beats for creating countless unique teams to fight against enemies. Additionally, it has varieties of enchanting gems, relics, gears, and different elemental classes of beasts. It makes the game fun all the time with its variety of plays. And to help you with the shopping, it includes the free shopping feature. You don’t have to worry about the price. Just buy anything you like. Isn’t that amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Download Beast Brawl MOD APK Latest Version now and enjoy its amazing features. 

Download Beast Brawl

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