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Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD Apk Download 4.0.2 (Free Rewards)


Bus Simulator Indonesia is a great simulator game with many scenery and routes. It has awesome graphics and a realistic sound system.

App Info of Bus Simulator Indonesia

App Name

Bus Simulator Indonesia


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Rewards

About Bus Simulator Indonesia

Are you a huge fan of driving games? If yes then get ready for a unique gaming experience with Bus Simulator Indonesia. You are playing the role of a virtual bus driver who is navigating through the roads of Indonesia country. You have to pick up passengers from one stop to another and take them to their destinations.  let’s discuss the features offered by this simulation game.

What Is Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a car simulation game that you can enjoy online with your friends. Maleo is the developer of this game. It has millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and also very positive feedback and reviews from users. The graphics quality of this game is also very good so you will get a very good detailed view every time.

Authentic Indonesian Cities

By playing this game you can explore the beauty of Indonesia because all the city and the scenes are real. You can get views from urban areas to the countryside landscape of this beautiful country.

Various Bus Models

There will be a variety of bus models and you can choose any of them. Each of the models has unique characteristics. You can choose different models to find out the best suitable for the streets of Indonesia and also your driving style. You can find out modern city bus or classic double-decker to carry all the passengers.

Customization Options

There will be a lot of customization options by which you can make changes to your buses. You can change the color and also you have the freedom to create unique designs to show your creativity on the roads of Indonesia.

Realistic Traffic System

While you are navigating through the busy streets of Indonesia you will find out that there will be a realised traffic system. You are not alone on the road and also get real-time situations with a lot of traffic. This life-like traffic system at a very realistic field to this game and also give new challenge to the players.

Dynamic Weather Conditions

While you are driving and doing your missions you will find out that the weather is also changing throughout the day and night circle. You have to drive under different skies, navigate through rain, and also face different challenges like driving in foggy conditions, etc.

Interactive Passenger System

In this game, you have to follow the route shown on your screen. There will be different Bus stands from where you have to pick up passengers and then again follow the route to drop them at their destinations. By doing all these missions on time you will get a very good reward by which you can make changes to your buses and also can customize them.

Realistic Fuel System

This game offers you a realistic fuel system so you have to do all the pickups of passengers on time. The fuel will run out if you delay or do not drive your bus exactly with the strategies. You have to keep an idea of how much time you have to refuel your vehicle. So always keep an eye on the fuel indication of your vehicle.

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD Info

You can get gift box rewards without watching ads. Enter the main interface of the game and click on the gift box icon in the upper right corner to see it. Driving will not reduce gas.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia

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