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Bus Simulator: Ultimate
Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod

Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD Apk Download 2.1.34 (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)


Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK is a bus-simulator game where you have to control a bus and drive. Discover many locations and reach in time.

App Info of Bus Simulator: Ultimate

App Name

Bus Simulator: Ultimate


( 17 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, Mega Menu

About Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Hey there, here you can find all the details about Bus Simulator Ultimate. It’s a game where we can drive buses and help passengers. Driving buses is fun in this game and we can have a really good driving experience. During our routes, we can listen to the radio, which is one of the best and most-loved features of Bus Simulator Ultimate. There are lots of unique features to discover. Let’s get started.

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Overview of Bus Simulator Ultimate

Bus Simulator Ultimate mod apk

Bus Simulator Ultimate is the most played bus simulator game on mobile devices. It’s offered by Zuuks Games and has more than 170 million users. The game allows us to make our own bus company and gives us missions to complete realistic routes. There are realistic maps of various countries including the United States, Russia, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, etc. The game gives us a decent bus-driving experience.


Bus Simulator Ultimate mod apk

In Bus Simulator Ultimate, at the start, you need to create your company. You can choose your company logo, your avatar, company name, and driver name. You will be rewarded once you do all that and you can also claim daily rewards. When playing the game, you can either choose the multiplayer mode which is ultimate league, or you can select career mode which is offline.

Bus Simulator Ultimate mod apk

Before starting a route, you can choose its ticket price, route hour, and catering services (you can select up to 4 items). You can also see how many of your tickets are sold. Open the front door and baggage, and collect all your passengers from the stand. You can also check if all the passengers are on the bus or not. From the map, you can see the location route, so it will help you to reach your destination. You can also turn on the radio in the game as there are more than 250 radio channels. Once, you have reached your destination, you will be rewarded.

Realistic Experience

Bus Simulator Ultimate mod apk

Bus Simulator Ultimate feels so realistic, if you haven’t tried it out, you should try. You can choose various controls, like reversing and driving modes, start/stop button. Remember to drive properly because here, passengers can review us. You will find fuel stations in between your routes, you can stop there to fill up the fuel. Also, you can visit Zuuks Park, so your passengers can go out at that time if they want to buy something to eat. There’s some real traffic you will find, there are taxis, ambulances, trucks, cars, other busses, etc.

MOD Version of Bus Simulator Ultimate

  • Mega Menu
  • Unlimited Money

Download Bus Simulator: Ultimate

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