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Chick Wars
Chick Wars Mod_result

Chick Wars MOD Apk Download 1.65 (Unlimited Money, VIP, God Mode)


In Chick Wars Mod APK, You will meet dozens of women of different races like demons, witches, and each one of them is ready to fight for you.

App Info of Chick Wars

App Name

Chick Wars


( 83 )





Requires Android



Unlimited Money, VIP, God Mode

About Chick Wars

In Chick Wars Mod APK, You will meet dozens of women of different races like demons, witches, nature, elves, demi-human, etc. Each one of them is ready to fight for you and give you care all day. You will get the latest version of Chick Wars MOD APK in our post. Get it now, conquer the castle, and free all the women. 

Overview of Chick Wars

Chick Wars is a turn-based strategy game combined with CCG and RPG elements developed & published by Hooligapps. Due to the adult content in the game, it’s not available on the Play Store. 


Chick Wars_result
Chick Wars_result

The story is set in the Pangea Kingdom of a fantasy world where beautiful, hot, cute & sexy women, elves, witches, android girls, demons, and demi-humans are ready to give you great care. But it’s been many years since the Kingdom had no ruler. Now thugs are everywhere, trying to get all those women forcefully for themselves. All the women of Pangea are waiting for someone strong who can protect & entertain them. 

To save them from this misery, you come to the Kingdom to conquer the castle and get all the women. And thus, your adventure starts.


Chick Wars 2_result
Chick Wars 2_result

It’s a turn-based strategy game. In it, you will build a team of attractive hotties to battle against other players. In a team, you can select up to 5 character cards at the start of the game. You can increase the capacity to 8 cards by achieving higher leagues. 

In a battle, there will be a board of 4×6 size, your commander on the left side, and your opponent on the right. 4 random cards from your selected team will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can deploy any one card on the left half side of the board. If there’s an opponent’s hottie on the board on the same row, then your deployed hottie will attack her. Otherwise, she will deal damage to the opponent’s commander. After that, the opponent will do the same. And then, the next turn will start. 

Chick Wars 3_result
Chick Wars 3_result

The player who kills the other’s commander first will win the battle. On winning the match, you will get a chest, coins, and trophies. Trophies are required to increase your league. The higher the league, the higher the rewards. It also unlocks in-game content like game modes, cards’ new levels, evolution, etc. Using the coins, you can upgrade the cards which will provide you XP points. XP points are required to increase the player level. 

50+ Characters to Create Unique Team

There are mainly three character classes in this game – Order, Chaos, and Nature. These classes include all races of fantasy girls like cat-girl, bunny-girl, monster-girl, vampire hottie, elf, witch, and all other races. Including all the classes, it has more than 50 hottie cards, each with a unique playstyle, skills, attributes & body. 

You can upgrade them to increase their HP and Strength. Upgrading them to certain levels also unlock their skills. Moreover, when you upgrade them, their clothes will be removed with each level until completely naked. 

MOD Version of Chick Wars

Chick Wars MOD APK has three mod features that let you enjoy the game to the fullest without wasting any time. These features are unlimited money, max VIP level, and God Mode. To know about these features in detail, read the following subsections. 

Unlimited Money & Resources

Coins and Gems are the basic and premium currency respectively in this game. With coins, you can upgrade the cards to strengthen your team. And with gems, you can instantly open chests, buy coins & soul dust, and summon characters’ cards. But to get the gems, you have to complete achievements or buy with real money.

Therefore, you are getting unlimited coins, gems, and other resources. So, you can unlock all the cards and upgrade them to the max level with ease. It’s done to save your precious time & effort. With its help, you can create your powerful team from the start of the game. 

Max VIP Level

When you make any in-app purchases using the real money in the game, you get some VIP points that are used to increase your VIP level. Achieving a higher VIP level gives you so many benefits such as free gems every day, increased daily bonus, VIP emojis, evolution cost discount, extra HP, and much more. At the max VIP level, there are 20 amazing benefits.

Free players can’t use such benefits. Therefore, we have unlocked the Max VIP Level in this MOD. So, you can get all these benefits for free.

God Mode

The moment your commander’s HP reaches 0, you lose. And it becomes difficult at higher levels to survive the battle and defeat the opponent. God Mode feature is very helpful in those situations. When activated, your commander won’t lose a single HP no matter how many attacks he receives. In this way, you can focus on your offense and defeat the opponent. No need to care about your commander’s HP. 


Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

What are the MOD features in Chich Wars MOD APK?

There are unlimited money, max VIP level, and God Mode features in this MOD.

Can I request cards in the guild?

Yes. You can request as well as donate cards in the guild. 


Chick Wars is one of the best CCG & RPG games combined with the turn-based strategy and adult cutscenes. All the battles are carried out by hotties in a state of nature without any restrictions on the bodies. And with this MOD’s features like unlimited money & god mode, you can unlock all the hotties, upgrade & evolve them to make them powerful, and win all the battles. So, get the Chick Wars MOD APK Latest Version now and enjoy the game. 

Download Chick Wars

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