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Shelter 69 MOD_result

Shelter 69 MOD Apk Download 1.6.244 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Rewards)


App Info of Shelter 69

App Name

Shelter 69


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Unlimited Money, Rewards

About Shelter 69

If you have played Shelter 69 before, then you already know that this game is NOT FOR KIDS, and why this game is great. With more than seven chapters, each having 10+ missions & an amazing storyline, full of hot & lusty girls, Shelter 69 is the best game set in a post-apocalyptic world. And you will get its latest MOD version here for free.

Overview of Shelter 69

Shelter 69 is a strategy & simulation game developed & published by NJT (Nice Juicy Things). It’s a game for adults, so you won’t get it on the Play Store. As for the number of downloads, millions of users have downloaded & played this game. 


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The world is in an apocalypse not because of the nuclear war, zombie attacks, or alien invasion, but because of the extinction of the males. Yes. All the males are extinct from the world except you. You spend 17 years in a bunker to stay alive in this world, never going outside. One day, Trixie along with her succubot (robot) named Andrea comes across your bunker & finds you. And then starts the game.

Beginning of Your Journey

Shelter 69 2_result
Shelter 69 2_result

When you start the game, you will meet Trixie and her robot Andrea outside your base. At first, she threatens you to leave the base or she will kill you. But all the controls of the base such as defense, communication system, elevators, storage, etc. are under your hands, so she offers to live with him in his base. 

She offers to do all the work like basic living, forging, cooking, scavenging, hunting, etc., and most important, repopulate the earth. As you can see, it’s a good idea. You won’t have to do any work, and you will get everything effortlessly, including sex. Who will reject such a good offer, right? So, you accept the offer. And thus, starts your new journey.

Send Your Girls on Missions & Expeditions

Shelter 69 3_result
Shelter 69 3_result

As you send Trixie and Andrea on missions for a scavenger hunt, they will face many types of enemies such as bandits, hunters, wolves, scorpions, etc. So, you have to be careful to send a team capable of completing the mission. When selecting a mission, you can see the recommended power & required champion conditions. Depending on the conditions, you can build a team of up to 3 champions as you like. 

Missions are also divided into three types – Story, Resource, & Trust. Completing the story missions will proceed you through the main storyline of the game. Resource missions are good if you need extra credits & resources. And completing the trust missions increases the trust between you and the selected champion. Achieving a certain amount of trust increases their trust level which unlocks new interaction opportunities to flirt with the girls & get close to an intimate relationship.

Play with 50+ Beautiful & Hot Girls

Shelter 69 4_result
Shelter 69 4_result

There are more than 50 hot girls (champions) in this game. Each one has a unique personality, background story, and skills. You can send them on missions, interact with them in personal chats, and gain their trust. 

This game also lets you flirt with them, but it will require flirt points. Moreover, you can gift them a love potion, adult magazine, rose, champagne, and many other items to engage in an interesting conversation. Once you gain enough trust level and complete conversation, you can sleep with them. The game also shows the perfectly animated cutscenes of their lovemaking. 

MOD Version of Shelter 69

Shelter 69 MOD comes with the Mega MOD menu that has several mod features. You can toggle these features whenever you want to use them. With these features, you don’t have to waste your time collecting resources, completing missions, etc. to get the desired output. Without beating around the bush, let’s talk about all the MOD features in detail in the following subsections:

1. Menu
2. Free Cost
4. Reward Slider x1-x100
4.1. Every Chest Gives items x1-100
4.2. Buy ressource(Metal/Stone) to gain x1-x100
4.3. Every Achievemt gives items x1-x100
4.4 Every quest Reward gives x1-x100

ex.: the original amount is 10 Gems. The reward you can see is 1000 Gems and you get 100 Gems.

Unlimited Money & Resources

Credits & gold credits are the base & premium currency in this game. And intel scraps, stone, metal, and training materials are the resources. You will need credits to build rooms & buy stuff in the shop, and resources to start missions, train champions & craft various stuff. As you all know, these things are not easy to collect, and take several hours of gameplay to get them. 

Therefore, we are providing unlimited money (credits) and unlimited resources in this MOD. You can buy all items such as flirting items, crafting items, weapons, etc. from the shop start building, and also upgrade everything from the beginning without spending time collecting the resources.

God Mode

It’s another great MOD feature you are getting. As you proceed to the next chapters & higher levels, enemies will get stronger and stronger. It will be difficult to face them with your soft girls. So, you can rely on this feature. With the God Mode activated, your champions will not lose any HP no matter how much damage they receive in the battles. 

Weak Enemy

This feature affects three stats of the enemies – Attack Speed, Defense, & HP. When this feature is activated, all three previously mentioned stats will be lowered to the point that your champions can easily defeat them. 

20 Builders

In the official game, you get only 2 builders in the starting. If you go to buy more builders, you will have to pay premium currency (which of course costs real money). To help you in this matter, we have added 20 builders to the game that you can use for free. It will boost the rate at which you can build your base so much.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this Shelter 69 APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and completely safe to use.

Which mod feature are we getting in this MOD APK?

You are getting unlimited money, credits, resources, and eDLi. Additionally, it also has God mode and Weak Enemy features to help you in battles.

Who is Andrea in the game?

Andrea is a robot personalized by Trixie. She has red hair & Elf-like ears. You meet both these champions at the beginning of the game.

How to Install?

  • Download the APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Shelter 69 MOD APK provides unlimited credits & resources along with the God Mode and Weak Enemy mod features. With these features, you will find it easy not only in building & upgrading the base but also in the battles & expeditions. It’s an all-around mod apk that covers all hard-to-get & time-consuming tasks so you can enjoy the game to the fullest without worrying about the resources or other things. If you like our post and the game, then visit again for more. Thanks. Have a nice day!

Download Shelter 69

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