Eros Fantasy MOD APK v1.11.2 (Menu/God Mode) Download

Eros Fantasy MOD APK v1.11.2 (Menu/God Mode) Download

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Name Eros Fantasy
Publisher Nutaku
Category NSFW
File Size 102 MB
Latest Version 1.11.2
Last Updated September 26, 2022
Mod: Menu, God Mode
Eros Fantasy is the most famous version in the Eros Fantasy series of publisher Nutaku
Mod Version 1.11.2

Download (102 MB)

Download Eros Fantasy MOD APK which has unlimited gems and a MOD menu. In its mod menu, you will get the one-hit kill, 10x damage, 10x defense, etc. features to ease up your journey of erasing the evil from the world. We have added the latest MOD version of Eros Fantasy in this post. Just tap the download button to get it.😉

A fantasy game with human girls, demon girls, mermaids, beastfolk girls, and an amazing storyline full of adventure & most intimate moments with girls. Isn’t it interesting? Hell yeah, it is. Moreover, it has 40 beautiful girls with unique skills who will fight for you. Won’t you guide them in the battles? And if you still want more details, scroll down the page and read the following sections. 

Overview of Eros Fantasy

Eros Fantasy MOD APK (1)
Eros Fantasy MOD APK (1)

Eros Fantasy is an RPG game with a mix of idle gameplay. It is developed and published by Gameyond. You can get its official version on the Nutaku website or Nutaku Android Store. As it’s an 18+ game and contains adult content, it’s not available on the Play Store. But that can’t stop you from playing this amazing game, can it? 


The story is about a prince who is set out on a journey to kill all the monsters and an evil wizard to save his kingdom. The evil wizard uses his magic on monsters to attack the kingdom. He also kidnaps women and then rapes them to suck out their power through intercourse. The king orders to capture the Evil Wizard and kill him to save all the women and the kingdom. Are you ready to show your skills & save the kingdom, my prince?


It’s a turn-based game with semi-auto battle gameplay. You will create your team of five characters to fight against the monsters. When starting a level, you will see the monsters lineup on the right side and your girls list on the bottom left side. Then you can select any 5 girls depending on the monsters’ class so that your team has the advantage in the battle. 

Eros Fantasy MOD APK (2)
Eros Fantasy MOD APK (2)

After selecting the girls, just tap on the Battle button and your girls will start attacking the monsters automatically in turns. With each hit, your girl will gain mana. Once the mana fills completely, you can use that girl’s skills. On killing all the monsters, you will pass the stage and earn rewards such as silver, crystals, player XP, etc. 

Silver and crystals are used to upgrade the girls to increase their levels & power. And XP is required to increase the player level. On achieving certain player levels, new game modes unlock, and you also get a free chest. 

Recruit 40 Unique Characters

Eros Fantasy MOD APK (3)
Eros Fantasy MOD APK (3)

Eros Fantasy includes 40 mind-blowing girl characters from human, beastfolk, mermaid & demon races. Every girl is beautiful with a unique set of skills. You can upgrade them to increase their stats such as Health, Damage, Armour, Magic Resistance, Critical Damage, etc. Also, you can evolve them to increase their star level. It also increases the max level capacity. 

These girls are categorized into three classes and three attributes. Three classes are Tank, Healer, and Attack. Tank-class girls have high HP, Def & Resistance stats to cover the girls behind them. Healer-class girls come with healing & buff skills to help the allies. And Attacker-class girls have high Physical Attacks, Critical Damage, Magic Power, and other offensive stats. So, they are good to deal high damage to enemies.

Eros Fantasy MOD APK (4)
Eros Fantasy MOD APK (4)

Now the attributes. All girls have one of these attributes – Fire, Wind, and Water. Look at this cycle: Fire ➡ Wind ➡ Water ➡ Fire. Girls having any attribute will deal 30% more damage to the enemies having the following attributes in the cycle. So, choose your girls depending on this cycle to have the advantage. 

Download Eros Fantasy MOD APK Latest Version

In the following subsections, we are going to explain all the MOD features of the Eros Fantasy MOD APK. So, kindly read them to know what these features do.

MOD Menu

First of all, Mod Menu. You will see a floating icon on the screen at the top right corner. Tapping it will open the menu. That menu contains all three MOD features of this game and you can activate or deactivate them whenever you like.

Damage 10x

Activating this MOD feature will increase your girls’ damage by 10 times. Killing the enemies will only take a few hits including the tank-class enemies. It will save you a lot of time.

10x Defense

On activating the 10x Defense feature, all your girls’ defenses will be increased by 10 times. So, it will be ten times harder for your enemies to kill your girls.

One Hit Kill

No matter how weak the girls are, once you activate this feature, it will only take one hit to kill the enemy no matter how high HP he has.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

What MOD features are included in Eros Fantasy MOD APK?

It includes One-Hit Kill, 10x Damage, and 10x Defense features. And you can toggle them using its MOD menu whenever you like. 

How can I increase the star level of the characters?

To increase the star level of a character, you will need a certain number of the same character’s cards. Once you collect the required number of cards of that character, you will get the option to increase their star level.

How to Install Game/App MOD APK?

  • Download Eros Fantasy MOD APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Eros Fantasy MOD APK is one of the best adult idle-RPG games.  Its simple yet challenging gameplay and interesting storyline keep you engaged. Moreover, you can also unlock the uncensored cutscenes of your girls by completing their date battles. You will enjoy the game without facing any difficulties when using its mod features like one-hit kill and high defense. So, get the Eros Fantasy MOD APK Latest Version and have fun. Have a nice day!

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