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Project QT MOD APK
Project QT MOD APK

Project QT MOD Apk Download 17.0 (Mega Menu/Instant Win/No Skill CD)


Project QT MOD APK is an RPG game featuring 40+ stunning girls with unique skills and an interesting storyline to save the humanity.

App Info of Project QT

App Name

Project QT


( 108 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu/Instant Win/No Skill CD

About Project QT

Project QT is an RPG game combined with puzzle mechanics developed by xDNA and published by Nutaku Publishing. If we talk about its genre, it’s an NSFW game with uncensored artwork & cutscenes. So, it’s not for kids. Also, don’t play it in public or the workplace. 

Play this game having 40+ stunning girls and beautiful scenes of 10+ mind-blowing cuties (QTs), each with 3 to 6 different styles to give you happiness. Create your team, upgrade your girls, and increase their power by bonding, promoting & evolving. Moreover, watch them revealing their bare skin as they evolve to higher rarity.

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Story of Project QT

Project QT MOD APK
Project QT MOD APK (2)

When the scientists were experimenting on the black hole in the Arctic, something went wrong, and it opened a gateway to an unknown semi-dimension. From that dimension, a mysterious virus came to the Earth through the gateway. This virus started changing everyone into a monster. And now it’s destruction and chaos everywhere. Humanity is now on the verge of extinction. 

Start Your Journey to Save Humanity

There is a research facility named 13th Campus that is conducting experiments & research on subjects who can fight against the virus and save humanity. You are also a subject in that research. They give you the mission to kill the monsters who are causing havoc around the world. Are you strong enough to stop them? Are you smart enough to guide your team? Or, are you good enough to gain the trust of girls by seducing them? And are you man enough to satisfy the waifus in this game? Play the game and find out for yourself.

Project QT MOD APK
Project QT MOD APK (4)

MOD Version of Project QT

The MOD version of Project QT has the following features.

Menu on Battle

When you start the battle, you will see the option “Debug” on the top right side of the screen. Just tap it to open the menu that will show you all the features you can use to manipulate the battle however you want. 

HP Changing to 1/50/100%

In the menu, there will be three options – Full HP, Half HP, and 1 HP. Using these options will change your team’s HP to the max, half, and one respectively. You can use these features as many times as you want. Low on HP and about to lose? Just tap on the Full HP option and recover the team’s HP to max instantly. 

Auto Win

The Menu has the “Win” option. Using it will give you victory without using any turns or killing the enemies. If you want to skip any level, just use this feature to win the level instantly. 

Enemy Kill

Using this feature, you can kill multiple enemies of your choice at once. Just select the enemies, and then tap the “Kill” option shown in the menu. It will kill all the selected enemies. If no enemies are selected, then it will kill all the available enemies of the current wave. 

Next Wave

This feature will let you skip to the next wave. There’s no need to match the puzzle stones or kill the enemies. You will instantly reach the next wave by using this feature. 

Skill Ready

Project QT MOD APK
Project QT MOD APK (1)

To use the characters’ skills in the official game, you need to wait for multiple turns until their CD reaches 0. But using this feature, you can reduce their skills’ CD to zero and then can use the skill freely. 

Change Any Stone to Any Element of Choice

This game is based on the number of stones of the same element you match to deal more damage to the enemies. But it’s hard to match more stones every time. Therefore, we have added this feature. Using this feature, you can change any stone to your choice of elemental stone and as many as you want. 

In the menu, you will see four stones, one of each element. Just select any stone, and then tap on the puzzle stones to convert them to the selected elemental stone. 

Change Any Stone to Any Power-up of Choice

This feature is similar to the feature described above. The only difference is that using it, you can change the stones to power-up stones such as bomb stones, lightning stones, bolt stones, medical kits, etc. 

In the menu, you will see each type of power-up. Select any power-up, and then tap on the puzzle stones to convert them to the selected power-up. 

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Where will I find memory fragments?

You will find the memory fragments during the summoning. When you get a character you already own during the summoning, then it will be converted to memory fragments. 

Download Project QT

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