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Chikii Mod

Chikii Apk Download 3.4.0 (Official)


Chikii MOD APK is a cloud gaming application that allows you to play PC, PPSSPP, Steam, Epic Games, etc. on your Android device.

App Info of Chikii

App Name



( 124 )




Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Chikii

Here you can play all the games, that are played on PC with the help of this Chikii APK. This app will help you all to play games on your Android devices, It is the one kind of Emulator for Android. There are more than a thousand games in it to play on your device, With the best features in it. This Cloud gaming app will give you the experience of real PC games on your Android devices. Also, we have the MOD version of this application, So you all will enjoy the all premium features inside the game.

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Overview Of Chikii

Chikii is an application with that you can play all types of games that are played on PC, On your Android Phones. Also, this is a MOD APK version, So you will get the premium features for free.

Play PC Games On Your Android

As you all know about the Chikii, this app will help you to play games on your Android, Which is played on PC. Also, this is a MOD version so you can easily get the Premium features into your game. We all know that to play games like high graphics, we need the best-specified PC to play that games. So many of us can’t afford those high-end-level PCs. Therefore this app is for us to take the experience of those games on Andriod devices. Also, you can play games like GTA 5, FIFA 19, and more…

Here, you can hang out and even watch others play games. Enjoy a global community of gamers on a budget here.

Abilities Of Chikii

This app will give you to play plenty of games with different countries’ servers also, It also supports many Catagories like Bluetooth gamepad, And also an external keyboard for playing games like GTA 5 and more. This application also has the autosave option and Community live chats. We will those at the next points with description.

Games To Play

As we saw in the introduction, There are many games to play on it. Like there are more than 1000+ games in to play, The games that we play on PC like GTA5, FIFA 19, Witcher 3, Jump Force, Dead by Daylight, Etc. We can play all the famous games from PC  to our Android. You’ll have fun with so many AAA games here that it feels like you own a PC.  Also, there is another optional server for AAA title games for play, So don’t worry about AAA titles games also.

Hardware Supporters


For playing games Like GTA 5, You need a keyboard and mouse. So this application is made to support hardware like this. You can also connect Bluetooth Gamepad And all types of hardware with the help of this App. The only thing is you need to get the connectors from the shop, After connecting those to your phone Then you can easily get access from this application.

AutoSave Option

There is another amazing thing about this application is, You can easily save your games in your specific IDs, So then you will easily get access to your saved games directly.

Live Chat

If you want to make friends in games, Then there is a world chat option is also available, From there you can easily chat all over the world in-game also. This is an also amazing thing given by this application to us. Also, you can request others for the game friend in that also.

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What is the Chikii APK?

Chikki APK is a cloud application where you can play PC games on your Android devices.

Is it safe to use on Android?

Yes, it is safe, though it is a kind of cloud application. There is no harm in it, Don’t worry, just enjoy your game.

Do you need to root your device to use this app?

As you know rooting can harm your device and it is very risky, so there is not any need to root your device to use this app. You can just download and install this app to get access to it.

How can I get several servers in it?

There is an option in the right corner of the dashboard to select the servers before playing the games, Thank You.

How to Install Chikii?

  • Download the APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


In the Chikii APK 2022, there are so many features that provide the best performance to the audience. All the things in this application are safe and protected, So don’t worry about the protection service. This application belongs to the cloud gaming community. After all there is no other better application can beat this app. Thank You.

Download Chikii

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