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Dr. Driving MOD Apk Download 1.70 (Unlimited Money)


Dr Driving MOD APK is an amazing racing-arcade game. Easy to control and interesting to drive, but there are no stages to complete.

App Info of Dr. Driving

App Name

Dr. Driving


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Dr. Driving

Want to drive a car without leaving the comfort of your room? If yes then you are welcome to the world of Dr. Driving game. This game is all about driving vehicles curiously in the City Streets to do missions and mastering the art of driving. If you are a car driving game lover then let’s explore the exciting features offered by this game.

What Is Dr. Driving?

Dr. Driving is the easiest driving simulator game because it comes with very simple controls. It does not affect your smartphone because of its small size. But it comes with driving mechanics, that offers you diverse machines with multiplayer option. SUD Inc. Is the developer of this game. If you have not tried this game till now then you are childhood is incomplete. If you search for it on the Google Play Store will find out that it has millions of downloads.

Realistic Driving Experience

This game brings the realistic driving experience to your fingertips. The controls are very simple you just have to tap to accelerate and to break. It comes with a steering wheel control to turn out your vehicle. By getting this game on your smartphone you will have a mini car simulator in your pocket.

Diverse Missions

This game offers you every it of mission and all of them are very simple after some time you will become an expert in all those missions. But you have to keep your focus while driving because there will be a lot of traffic on the roads while you are doing the missions.

Multiple Cars to Choose From 

In the starting, you have only one car. But you don’t have to be stuck on that because there is a wide range of vehicles and you can choose any of them. To complete missions to collect coins. And after collecting coins you can unlock your favorite and suitable car with your own style. Each of the cars has different types of abilities and powers.

Fuel Management

In this game, there are many missions where you have to manage the fuel of your vehicle. You have to make a good strategy by which you can complete that Mission on time. Once your fuel tank is over then your mission will be failed. So maintain your car service every time whenever you are doing fuel management missions.

Customization Options

There will be a lot of customization options available by which you can personalize your vehicle. You can change color and match your preferences. By customising them you can enhance the powers and abilities of your vehicles. There will be a mini paints shop where you can give a fresh look to your vehicle.

Leaderboards for Friendly Competition

Dr. Driving offers you multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends and players from all around the world. By showing the skills you are having in this game you can get on the top of the leaderboard of this game. If you are on the top of that leaderboard means nobody is better and you have the greatest skills in this game.

Download Dr. Driving

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