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Dragon City MOD APK Download v9.0.1 | (Unlimited Gems + Money)

Dragon city mod apk

Dragon City MOD APK: Strategic games with good plot and popping graphics always lure our hearts. We can build our own city with all the things we love and decorate it as we want. We progress every day a little bit by adding new things to our city. At the same time, we can upgrade, expand and make alliance with other players to grow to help each other. If you love dragons, for no matter what, we brought to you the Dragon City MOD APK. This game is a free multiplayer simulation game where you breed, hatch and collect Verity of dragons of different species. Build your island and train your Dragons to make them ready for the battle. Join the hottest battle game and train fire-breathing dragons. Claim the title of top dragon master in the world, build your city and prove your might. Let’s talk more about Dragon City MOD APK and its exciting features below.

Dragon City MOD APK is a popular multiplayer simulation game trending on play store with 4.6 rating and 100M+ downloads. The game was released by ‘Social Point.’ The gameplay is very attractive and you will love to play this game if you take a look at this. In the game, you have to build a dragon city on floating islands and fill it with farms, habitats, buildings and mighty dragons. You can also breed different types of species by cross-breeding. Hatch eggs to get completely unique baby breed. Evolve your cute baby into impressive battle beasts that will defend you in the PvP arenas of Dragon City Mod game.

In Dragon City MOD APK, you can also join forces with other dragon masters in alliances, interact in the chat, participate in alliance events and unlock exclusive rewards. By applying an incredible statergy you will be the master of dragons. There are tons of rare hybrids to explore. You can combine dragons of fire, nature, war, legend and lots of other elements to hatch rare hybrids and expand your collection. You can also obtain dragons from the special exclusive events in this game named dragon city mod Apk. Talking more about the game, there’s dragon book in which there are over 500 dragons to breed and collect to make your city grow. Not only these new dragons are being added every week through breeding events so grab them all. You can also check out the quests and play against other masters to compete in PvP arenas. Winning PvP arenas will reward you with exclusive dragons, warrior’s chests and climb up the leaderboards. Download Dragon City MOD APK now.

You can also summon dragons from the magical world at the tree of life and try their magical skills. Collecting orbs will empower the dragons and you will see how their strength in the battle grows, so make sure to use them. Unlock advanced features like the ancient world and the guardian dragons. You can also join alliances to battle with other masters, chat with them, collaborate in alliance races and open alliance chests. Dragon City MOD APK allows you to log in with facebook to save your game and play on all your devices. That way you can take your baby dragon wherever you want.

What’s so special

Now we have talked enough about the original game, now let’s move to the Dragon City MOD APK. In the original game, you have to buy Gems, Gold and Dragon meal from the real money. And we don’t like spending money on games right? That’s why developers had edited some files and modify the original version for providing unlimited stuff and they also tweaked the original game and made this game for better to play and for giving better experience too. In Dragon City MOD APK you will get unlimited Gems,unlimited Gold and Unlimited Dragon meal. You can buy this all stuffs from shop And mainly you will not need to pay for all this. YES it’s totally free, you can download from our site and i am sure you will enjoy and loved it. Let’s explore more about the game itself below.

Dragon City MOD APK Information

Size103.20 MB
Requires Android4.1 +
Download OnGoogle Play
Last UpdatedMarch 2019

Download Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon city mod apk

Features Dragon City MOD APK

MOD Features

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Dragon Meal

Dragon City MOD APK gives Features of unlimited gems, gold and dragon meal without spending a penny. You can buy whatever you want from the shop like Dragons, Habitats, Buildings, Decorative Items and Orbs totally free. You don’t need to spend money for those.Let’s have look at all these features one by one.

Unlimited Gems: Gems are very precious in the game and without buying them there’s no joy playing it. We can only purchase different types of dragons by gems. And this gems aren’t free, we have to buy these gems with real money and there’s even no need to do that. With Dragon City MOD APK, you are gonaa get unlimited gems which you can spend them on things in the shop like Dragons. There are tons of dragons such as clarity dragon, reason dragon jelly dragon, volcano dragon, mud dragon, waterfall dragon, tropical dragon, cactus dragon, centipede dargon, star dragon, chameleon dragon, alpine dragon, snowflake dragon and more to come. Get all these dragons for free with Dragon City MOD APK.

Unlimited Gold: You get unlimited gold in Dragon City MOD APK, Gold is also as precious as the gems. With gem, we can buy Verity of Habitats, buildings and decor. Talking about the habitats, they include Terra habitat, Flame habitat, Sea habitat, Nature habitat, Electric habitat, Ice habitat, Metal habitat, Dark habitat, Light habitat, Magic habitat, beauty habitat, chaos habitat, happy habitat, war habitat, dream habitat and more. Buildings are another only thing which can be purchased with the help of gold only. Buildings such as Food farm, Dragon roost, Recruitment tavern, Ultra Bleeding Tree, Dragon market, Big food farm, Kindergarten, Terra crystal, Flame crystal, Huge food farm, Training Center, Sea crystal, Nature crystal, Electric crystal, Ice crystal, Metal crystal and much more. You can unlock all those buildings with the help of gold. How can one forget about the decorations? Well, decorate your dragon city with tons of items such as Stone tile, Dragon flag, Magic mushroom, Elf home, Fancy tile, Cloud flag, Dragon statue, Old pond, Luxury tile, Dragon hedge, Willow tree, Glowing Flower, Chinese arc and much more than. These items are completely free in Dragon City MOD APK without any restrictions.

Unlimited Dragon Meal: Dragon meal as name suggests, is the meal for the dragons to be feeded. In original game, we have to spend our precious gems on the dragon meal and we know the gems aren’t free, we have to pay for this. Now no more worries, as you are getting unlimited Dragon meal too. Feed as much as you want to your dragons and train them into unbeatable beasts.

Dragon City MOD APK Gameplay

Dragon city mod apk

As you can see, in the game we can build, farms, habitats and different types of buildings. There are also tons of Decorative items to give a new look to your city. Also cross-breed dragons and create unique species, there are over 500 dragon species to explore and unlock. By applying an incredible statergy you will be the master of dragons.Playing with friends also makes this game even more interesting and you will definetly enjoy with them. Create alliances with other players and become master and send gifts to each other. These all things make game even more interesting to play, so why not have a shot at this? Download Dragon City MOD APK now and start your joy.

How to install The Game

To install Dragon City MOD APK, go through the following steps.

Download the Dragon City MOD APK from the provided links. Generally download will take around 2 3 minutes depending upon your network speed.

After downloading the MOD APK, head over to the internal Storage and select the file from the in the Download folder, after clicking on it, tap on Install button.

The application will take around 1 minute to get completely installed on your phone. Just wait for the application to get successfully installed on your phone.

Once the application is installed in your device, open it and enjoy.

Dragon city mod apk

Final Verdict

If you are a dragon lover and if you love to play simulation games in which you can build, upgrade and join forces with other alliance,then this game is for you. By applying your incredible statergy you will become the master of all dragons. Dragon City MOD APK provides you with a plethora of dragons and their unique breeds which can be obtained by cross-matching. Also, you can participate in PvP battles to prove your might. all this comes with unlimited gems and gold, so what are waiting for? download Dragon City MOD APK now.

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