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Dragon City
Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon City MOD Apk Download 23.10.2 (One Hit, God Mode)


App Info of Dragon City

App Name

Dragon City


( 107 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


One Hit, God Mode

About Dragon City

Dragon City Mobile is a simulation game offered by Socialpoint. It has more than a hundred million downloads and is one of the top-grossing simulation games on the play store. Build your awesome dragon city with over 1500 kinds of dragons and take down your opponents with your powerful dragon team.

Overview of Dragon City

Dragon City MOD APK

In the Dragon City game, you will play as a dragon master. You will collect many kinds of dragons, feed them, expand your territory and find other players. For dragons to stay, you need to build habitats of their matching elements. You will feed the dragons to increase their level. You need to build a food farm to grow food for the dragons. And you will get XP for building & upgrading any building that helps to increase your level. Leveling up unlocks new buildings. Each dragon gives you gold. Build all the buildings, collect all dragons and build your amazing dragon city. 


Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon City includes 1500+ kinds of dragons. You can buy the eggs from the shop, complete a quest to get amazing eggs in the rewards, and play against other players in the PvP Arena. You can also breed dragons of different species to get a hybrid dragon egg. Eggs need to be hatched in the hatchery first to get the dragon. Dragons are divided into 15 categories based on their elements like earth, fire, air, water, lighting, etc.

Dragons are strong and weak against others depending on their elements. When any dragon is strong against an element, it will deal double damage with its elemental ability to that element’s dragon. When it’s weak, the ability’s damage is reduced to half. And when both dragons’ elements are the same and anyone uses the elemental ability, it will have no damage.

Game Modes

Dragon City MOD APK

There are many modes in the Dragon City MOD APK Latest Version in which you can get awesome rewards.


In leagues, you will battle against other players with your dragon team. Win the battles to increase your rank on the leaderboard. The higher the rank, the more reward you will get when the league ends. You can play 3 battles per 6 hours. 

PvP Arena

PvP arena is a multiplayer mode. You will fight against the other players in real-time. With each victory, you will get trophies. Increase your trophies to rank up your league. When the season ends, you will get rewards based on your rank. 


In the quests, you will battle in the colossal with other dragons. To enter the battle, you need to meet the requirements. There are 33 quests. Quests include 8-12 stages you need to complete. You will get an exclusive dragon on completing each quest. 


There are many flying islands and each island has a tower where a legendary dragon lives. But the tower will be broken. You have to send your dragons to the tower to find its broken pieces and rebuild the tower. Once you fully rebuild the tower, the legendary dragon releases and provides its powers to the island’s dragons and buildings. 

MOD Features

It comes with the Mod Menu that contains One-Hit kill and God Mode features.

Note: Required – Game Guardian

How to Use Game Guardian without Root:

After downloading the Game Guardian application, download the appropriate virtual application for your device. Recommend x8 Sandbox. If the two have been downloaded, the only thing left is to throw your game and game guardian application into the x8 sandbox, run the Script and enjoy.

Download Dragon City

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