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Dungeon Squad
Dungeon Squad (6)

Dungeon Squad MOD Apk Download 1.08.7 (Unlocked, Mega Menu)


Dungeon Squad MOD APK is an RPG game where you will control Monsters to invade the planet of Heroes and return the Abyss to its former glory.

App Info of Dungeon Squad

App Name

Dungeon Squad


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlocked, Mega Menu

About Dungeon Squad

Dungeon Squad is a new Role-Playing game with pixelated stylized graphics offered by GameCoaster. In this game, the Abyss is home to many types of monsters. But the heroes invaded the Abyss and brought it to the ruins. And for what? For some treasure, equipment, and gaining new skills? Is it right to destroy their homes for selfies intents, to get stronger? No. 

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Dungeon Squad (1)

This time, the monsters will not sit quietly and wait for them to come. This time, they will launch an invasion on the planet of heroes which is the real root of all their problems. And this time, the planet of heroes will be the dungeon, and monsters will hunt them down to prevent the further destruction of the Abyss and return it to its former glory. 

10 Powerful Monsters

Don’t be distracted by the word monster because the monsters in the Dungeon Squad are not your typical dungeon wolves, orcs, goblins, skeletons, or golems. The monsters are Diablo, Medusa, Hellhound, Chimera, Titan, Cerberus, Kraken, Stheno, Dark Pegasus, and Jormungand, all in anime girl forms and they are so powerful that they can obliterate an entire army single-handedly. They just need your guidance in doing so. 

Each of these monsters has a different set of 5 passive skills and 5 active skills. Also, they have a unique temperament that provides a buff to all the allies. 

Invade the Planet of Heroes

You will start the invasion on the Planet of Heroes with a monster of your choice. With the power of dimension crystal and hero souls at the Guidance Stone, you can select skills to enhance your team. 

Dungeon Squad (2)

On a stage, you will get a choice to start a wave from two, each with different resources like Genesis stones, dark origin, gold, hero souls, etc. In each wave, you will fight against a hero & an army of soldiers. 

On defeating them, you will get the mentioned rewards, captured soldiers, and also a chance of equipment. You can use the soldiers to upgrade your monsters and increase their attribute stats & skills. On upgrading a monster a certain number of times, you can unlock its new skills using the dark origin. 

Each stage contains 11 waves, and in wave 11, you will face powerful acolytes of light. The reward for clearing is also unique – World Fragment that can be used to regain & enhance the abyssal power. 

Face the Unexpected Events

While clearing the waves and exploring the dungeon in the Dungeon Squad, you will also face random unexpected turns of events. They can find something that can enhance your power or something that can damage your Devil Stone. Some of the events are as follows:

Dungeon Squad (3)

Fountain of Oblivion – This fountain has water of two colors – Blue and Red. Drinking one can enhance your physical attributes by 15% while another causes the opposite effect. Which one are you gonna drink? 

A Monster of the Void – The monster of the void is a powerful monster that absorbs everything around it in its void and nothing is lefts behind. It can greatly damage your Devil Stone if you come across it. 

Abandoned Dwarf – A skilled dwarf that can improve your equipment for gold. 

Nomads – Nomads are traveling people in search of a place where they can find peace & food. What are you gonna do with them? Demand servants? Attack Them? Or leave them alone? Your choice. 

Summon Powerful Monsters through Dimension Rupture

In the beginning, not all the monsters will be unlocked. You can use only Diablo, Dark Pegasus, and Titan as the Acolytes to launch the invasion. To unlock other monsters, you will have to rupture the dimension, call upon the Abyssal Power Monsters trapped between them, and gather 40 monster souls of the same type. It will also need dimension crystals that you can collect from the dungeons. 

Dungeon Squad (4)

Offer Sacrifice to Enhance Dark God’s Blessings

It has 5 Dark Gods you can get blessings from. The Dark Gods are Tania – The God of Flames, Lilith – The God of Please, Irea – The God of Lightning, Rebecca – The God of Darkness, and Marielle – The God of Ice. 

Each Dark God can give you their element-specific blessings. The blessings are also divided into five types – Ammo Skills, Non-Ammo Skills, Advent, Blessing, and Talent. You can have one blessing of each of these types. Advent blessing is an active-type ability that you can activate anytime you want. But it has a 4-wave cooldown period. 

Dungeon Squad (5)

Talent blessings activate automatically when your monster resurrects after death. Ammo Skill and Non-Ammo Skill Blessings increase your ammo & non-ammo skill damage by 25% respectively and also add the elemental status of the Dark God to the skills. And Blessing-type Blessings activate at the start of the wave. 

You can also offer sacrifice at the Altar of Brilliance to worship the Dark God and enhance their power & blessings’ status. 

MOD Features of Dungeon Squad

MOD 1 Info

1. Menu
2. Damage Multiplier
3. God Mode
4. No Reload
5. Temporary Unlock Character & Skin
6. Permanent Unlock Everything ( Go buy anything from shop )

Download Dungeon Squad

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