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Epic Conquest 2
Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK

Epic Conquest 2 MOD Apk Download 2.0.6 (God Mode, Damage, Unlimited Skills)


App Info of Epic Conquest 2

App Name

Epic Conquest 2


( 5 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mode, Damage, Unlimited Skills

About Epic Conquest 2

Epic Conquest 2 is a role-playing adventure game full of action offered by Gaco Games. It has more than one million downloads on the Play Store. Experience an awesome story of Claris, humans & demons, and their conflicts, and go through an epic adventure. 

Overview of Epic Conquest 2


Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK

In the Epic Conquest 2, you will play Claris who is a rookie knight. You will take jobs from the knight headquarters, fight with demons and protect the citizens. It’s an open-world game, so you can freely roam anywhere such as villages, jungles, Sil plains, etc., and kill demons. Find the hidden treasures. You can also complete its wonderful story and uncover the hidden truth about your character, Claris. 

Craft, Enhance & Upgrade Equipment

Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK

To become strong in Epic Conquest 2, you definitely need weapons and armor. You can collect resources to craft the weapons & equipment by killing demons. When you have enough resources, go to the blacksmith, Jessie, and buy a new weapon. You can also enhance, upgrade & appraise the weapon. How many times you can enhance equipment depends on its rarity.

Common equipment can be enhanced to +3, uncommon to +6, rare to +9, and epic to +12. Enhancing any equipment doesn’t require many resources so you can easily enhance anything. But upgrading requires so many resources. After upgrading the equipment one time, you can also appraise it to unlock new attributes such as attack speed, critical damage, HP recovery, etc.


Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK

In the battles, you can use up to 4 powerful skills. Skills have a great effect in fights against demons. So use it more often. Using skills also upgrades their level upon acquiring enough skill XP. Claris has a total of 8 skills. You can choose any 4 skills to use in the battle. Actually, you can change your skills anytime, even during the battle from the setting. Each skill is unique. Some skills also apply negative effects to enemies like bleeding which causes damage over time. 


Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK

There are 8 masteries you can upgrade to get some really awesome passive skills in the Epic Conquest 2. These skills work under special conditions. Knight’s Bravery, will increase your Attack Power if you’re fighting with one or two enemies and will increase Physical Resistance if more than 2 enemies are there. Likewise, all other masteries have awesome powers. You can unlock & upgrade mastery after level 11 with Mastery Points. But you can upgrade only one mastery to the max level. 

Attribute Distribution

Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK

Epic Conquest 2 has an attribute distribution system to increase your stats as you want. There are STR, INT, DEX, AGI, and VIT. At each level, you will get AP (Attribute Points). You can use the AP to increase any of these attributes according to your playstyle. 


Ruby and gold are the main resources used in the game. Rubies are used to reset your attributes and masteries so you can redistribute them. Gold is used to craft, upgrade, enhance & appraise the equipment. Rubies are rare resources. You can find these in the chests and by completing achievements. There are also crafting materials & consumables. Consumable resources such as herbs, potions, honey, fish, etc. are used to increase HP & MP. 

MOD Features

Mod Menu
>Damage Multiplier
>God Mode
>Unlimited Skill Usage
>Currency Cheat

Download Epic Conquest 2

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