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Farmscapes Mod

Farmscapes MOD Apk Download (Unlimited Money)


Play Farmscapes MOD APK and help Mary, who just bought a house & farm in the country, renovate the area by clearing match-3 puzzle levels.

App Info of Farmscapes

App Name



( 2 )




Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Farmscapes

Farmscapes is a puzzle game offered by Playrix. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads on the play store. Play with Mary and help her to restore the farm she bought. It features many types of levels, power-ups, power-up combos, and amazing boosters.

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Story of Farmscapes

Farmscapes MOD APK

Mary is a city girl who is bored of all the pollution, vehicle noises and big buildings and wanna move out of this city life. One day she sees an ad in a newspaper about an abandoned farm. She buys it and moves in the country with her cat, Edward. But the farm is in bad condition. You have to help her to renovate the house and farm. 


Farmscapes MOD APK

In this game, you will help Mary out with the restoring of the farm. There will be many tasks like replacing the lights, cleaning the lawn, building a pen, planting trees, etc. For each task, you need horseshoes. Cost can be different for every task. To earn the horseshoes, you need to complete the levels. In levels, there are pieces of many colors. When there are 2 or more pieces of the same color, you can tap any of the matching pieces to remove all of them from the board. You can see the requirements to complete the levels on the left side of the screen inside the level. Complete levels, collect horseshoes, and complete the tasks to renovate the farm. 

Power-ups & Combos

You can create 3 types of power-ups by matching a certain number of pieces on the board in Farmscapes. You can also select these power-ups to start the levels with one of the selected power-ups. Each power-up has a unique effect. You can also match power-ups to create a powerful combo.


Farmscapes MOD APK

Rocket – Match 5 pieces of the same color to create a rocket. It clears all pieces of its row or column on use. Its direction is random.

Bomb – Match 7 pieces of the same color to create a bomb. Tap on the bomb to blast it. It also destroys all 8 pieces around it.

Propeller – Match 7 pieces of the same color to create a propeller. On using it, it clears all the pieces of its color from the board. 

Power-ups Combos

Farmscapes MOD APK

Rocket + Rocket – When you match 2 adjacent rockets, it destroys all the pieces of its row as well as a column.

Rocket + Bomb – Match a rocket and a bomb to destroy all the pieces in a 3×3 row & column.

Bomb + Bomb –  Matching 2 bombs explode in a large area and clear all the pieces in its explosion range.

Propeller + Rocket – It’s a 2 stage combo. First, the propeller turns all the pieces of its color into rockets of random directions and then rockets clear their rows & columns depending on the direction.

Bomb + Propeller It’s similar to the above combos. Propeller first turns all the pieces of its color into bombs and then bombs explode, clearing all pieces around them.

Propeller + Propeller – Matching 2 propellers destroys all the pieces on the board. 


Farmscapes MOD APK

There are boosters too to help you in the levels without consuming any moves.

Shovel – With the shovel, you can remove one piece from the board even if it doesn’t make a match.

Rake – The rake clears all the pieces of a selected column.

Lawnmower – Use the lawnmower booster to clear all the pieces of a selected row.

Basket – With the basket booster, you can clear all the pieces of any selected color.

MOD Version of Farmscapes

The MOD version of Farmscapes comes with the following feature:

Unlimited Money – You are getting unlimited money. So, you can buy boosters & lives without worrying about running out of money.

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Download Farmscapes

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