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From Zero to Hero: Cityman

From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD Apk Download 1.8.1 (Unlimited Money)


From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD APK is a simulation game featuring 60+ different jobs to climb up the corporate ladder to achieve your dream.

App Info of From Zero to Hero: Cityman

App Name

From Zero to Hero: Cityman


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About From Zero to Hero: Cityman

Hey there, from here, you can download From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD APK and get unlimited Coins. From Zero to Hero: Cityman is a simulation game offered by Heatherglade Publishing. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Start your life as an unemployed guy with no money, food, or house and get jobs, study & earn money, get promoted, and climb up the corporate ladder to achieve your dream.

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  • 60+ Types of Jobs
  • Play Roulette in Casino
  • Trade in Stock Market
  • Go to College
  • Start Your Family with Your Wife & Children
  • Easy To Install & Download
  • Root Free App

Overview of From Zero to Hero: Cityman


In From Zero to Hero Cityman, you play as a guy who has no money for food, house, clothes, and no job. His dream is to become the president. But to achieve his dream, he must earn money for essential needs and study. Get jobs & side jobs to earn money. Buy food, food, and a house to stay in. You can see your monthly income and expenditure on the lower part of the screen. You can also bet at the casino and trade in the stock market to earn more money.

Your character has two attributes: Health and Happiness. If you don’t eat healthy food or over-work, your health stats will drop and you will fall ill. You will die when your health drops to zero. You can go jogging, play outdoor games, go to the hospital, get tested to increase your health stats. And to increase your happiness, you can go to casinos, hunt, horse racing, party with friends, and rest from the jobs. You can also make a girlfriend, marry her, have children and start a happy family.

Jobs & Side Jobs

Jobs are the source of earning money at a constant rate in the From Zero to Hero MOD APK. There are 60+ types of jobs. You will start from the service employee jobs. It includes a promoter, courier, ticket inspector, pizza maker, cashiers, and taxi driver jobs. The salary of each job is more than its previous job. But to get a job, you must meet some requirements like clothes, food, experience in other jobs, etc. You will go from service employee jobs to restaurant jobs, office jobs, IT industry jobs, finance, business, and then government jobs. To earn more money, you can also get side jobs.

Casino & Stock Market

These two areas are the best to earn some quick cash in From Zero to Hero MOD. In the casino, you can play roulette and bet cash. And there’s a trick to win more cash. When placing bets on any numbers, start with the minimum bet. If you lose the turn, increase your bet and spin the roulette. Keep increasing the bet until you win. You will win a high amount of cash this way. After winning the turn, start with the minimum bet. And repeat the same process. You can also buy stocks when the price is low and sell them when the prices touch the skies to get profit.

MOD Features

In the From Zero to Hero Cityman MOD APK Unlimited Money, you are getting unlimited money that will help you to easily buy anything from the shop.

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Installation Guide

Follow these simple & easily understandable steps:

  • Download From Zero to Hero: Cityman MOD APK from here.
  • Open the Apk file from the file manager.
  • Enable unknown source installation.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Share it with your friends.

Note: If you find any issue with the download or installation, then feel free and comment below. Thank you.

Download From Zero to Hero: Cityman

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