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Gacha Heroes MOD APK

Gacha Heroes MOD Apk Download 2.0.7 (Attack Speed, Fast Pass)


Gacha Heroes MOD APK is a casual role-playing tactical game with 100+ unique heroes, multiple game modes, guilds & guild events.

App Info of Gacha Heroes

App Name

Gacha Heroes


( 2 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Attack Speed, Fast Pass

About Gacha Heroes

Download Gacha Heroes MOD APK which has a MOD menu, 1000x attack speed, and fast pass features. These features will save you a lot of time while battling and opening chests. You will make really quick progress in your adventure of defeating the demon lord. In this post, we are gonna explain all about the game including its MOD features. 

Overview of Gacha Heroes

Gacha Heroes MOD APK (1)
Gacha Heroes MOD APK (1)

Gacha Heroes is a casual role-playing tactical game offered by Loongcheer Game. It features more than a hundred unique heroes of different roles & classes that let you create countless strategical lineups to deal with enemies. Multiple game modes, guilds & guild events always keep the game pretty fun & enjoyable. Also, it’s an early-access game so you can expect more amazing heroes, game modes & events in the future. 


The kingdom & its people live in peace. The demons & demon lard are sealed for thousands of years in the underworld. But the seal is now not as strong as it was thousands of years ago. Over time, it gets weakened. One day, a knight takes advantage of it and breaks the seal. Why did he do that? Because of the jealousy. He loved a girl. But that girl was in love with King Arthur and they both married. 

Gacha Heroes MOD APK (2)
Gacha Heroes MOD APK (2)

Now the demons are everywhere and attacking the kingdom, taking innocent lives. King Arthur summons heroes who will fight against the demons. What will happen next? What the future holds? The answers depend on you as you will play King Arthur and guide the heroes in the battles. 

Multiple Game Modes

Campaign – It’s the story mode of the game and is available in five difficulties – Normal, Hard, Nightmare, Purgatory, and Hell. It has 8 chapters, each chapter having 10+ stages. You will experience the storyline of King Arthur, his heroes, and the demon lord. For completing the stages in this mode, you will get EXP, coins, hero shards, heroic souls, and gears. 

Arena – Arena is the multiplayer mode where you will compete against real players. You will get points for winning the battles and will be placed in a league depending on your points. At the end of the season, you will get amazing rewards based on your league. 

Gacha Heroes MOD APK (3)
Gacha Heroes MOD APK (3)

Trial Tower – It has countless floors. On each floor, you will fight against different enemy lineups. Defeating them will give you rewards with hero potions & gears. The difficulty and rewards will increase with each floor. 

Expedition – It’s the endless mode where you will face enemies in unlimited levels. Your heroes will carry the same HP to the next level and you can only heal them using the Holy Light coins. You will get rewards depending on how far you can go. 

Countless Lineups with 100+ Heroes, 5 Roles & 6 Camps

It includes more than 100 unique heroes. They are divided into 5 roles – Priest, Warrior, Wizard, Ranger & Assassin, and 6 camps – Human, Undead, Element, Orc, Light & Dark. Each role & camp hero is good & bad depending on how you use them. You can come up with countless unique lineups. 

Gacha Heroes MOD APK (4)
Gacha Heroes MOD APK (4)

Warrior heroes have high HP & defense but low attack power. Ranger, assassin & wizard heroes have low HP & defense but high attack power, especially assassins. So, you can use warriors in front and other heroes in the back row. If you want some skills with healing & control effects, then priests are your best bet. But they will have low HP & defense and attack power as well. 

Now let’s talk about the camps and how they are important. Camps have an advantage and disadvantages over each other. Here’s a cycle to show that – Human➡Orcs➡Element➡Undead➡Human and Light⇄Dark. When you use heroes of any camp against the next camp’s heroes, they will deal 30% more damage. Light & dark camp heroes counter each other and deal 30% more damage. 

Download Gacha Heroes MOD APK Latest Version

Gacha Heroes MOD comes with the MOD menu that allows you to toggle the 1000x Attack Speed feature whenever you want. And another feature ‘Fast Pass’ always stays active. Below, we have explained both of these features. 

1000x Attack Speed

In the official game, you can increase the attack speed to up to 3x only. At higher levels, 3x speed also seems so slow because of the higher HP of enemies. In this MOD, you have the 1000X Attack Speed. When enabled, the battle will be increased by 1000x times and it will take only a few seconds to clear a level. 

Fast Pass

This feature is related to the opening of the chests. When you open a chest, it shows some animations which consume your precious time. It’s not a real problem until you have to open multiple chests. Therefore, we have added the fast pass feature which accelerates the chest openings. 

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely secure for use.

Which MOD features are available in the Gacha Heros MOD APK?

It has a MOD menu that includes a 1000x Attack Speed and Fast Pass feature. The attack speed feature increases the attack speed of all heroes by 1000x times. 

How many game modes it has?

It has more than 7 game modes. Some of them are campaign, trial tower, arena, expedition, world boss, etc.

How to Install?

  • Download the APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


Thanks for visiting and reading the post. Gacha Heroes MOD APK is a fantastic idle AFK game. It offers multiple game modes with different objectives & rewards. And its MOD features such as 1000x attack speed allows you to advance to the higher levels & chapters in the campaign, trial tower, expedition, and other game modes. With 100+ unique heroes, you can create your unique lineup to compete against the real players around the game. So, are you ready? Get the Gacha Heroes MOD APK 2023 now and enjoy.

Download Gacha Heroes

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