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Golf Battle
Golf Battle MOD_result

Golf Battle MOD Apk Download 2.3.4 (Automatically hit the hole)


Get Gold Battle MOD APK and play gold with your friends or players from around the world in 13 unique location & 120+ different courses.

App Info of Golf Battle

App Name

Golf Battle


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Automatically hit the hole

About Golf Battle

Golf Battle is a sports game offered by Miniclip.com. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Get ready with your golf club, shoot the ball in the ball, and show your amazing golf skills to the world. 

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Gameplay of Golf Battle

Golf Battle MOD APK

Golf Battle is a multiplayer golf game. You will be matched with 5 more players of the same league and join the match. You have to shoot the ball in the hole in as few shots as you can. There will be three rounds in different courses each time. You will come first if you complete all three rounds in fewer shots than others. When two players have the same score after three rounds, there will be a fourth-round for only those players. In this round, the player who shoots the ball near the hole will get the higher position. You will also get chests after winning the matches. Open the chests for rewards like coins, ruby, club cards, or balls.


Golf Battle MOD APK

The controls are very simple. Tap & hold on to the ball and drag your finger backward. It will increase your shooting power. You can adjust the power according to the need. It will also show a guideline in front of the ball. Aim the ball in the direction you wanna shoot and release the screen to shoot. The ball will bounce after hitting the walls. So always remember it while aiming and use the walls too to your advantage.


Golf Battle MOD APK

What fun there will be if a multiplayer game doesn’t have competition, right? There are leagues in which you compete with other players and earn great rewards. There are a total of 10 leagues. You will be placed in a league depending on your level every week. To rank up, you have to earn as many coins as you can from the classic matches. At the end of the week, you will get coin rewards depending on your rank. There are also Country and World leagues that work the same way but the reward will be rubies.

Lucky Shot

You get a chance to play Lucky Shot once per day. In it, there will be 3 zones around the hole. Shoot the ball in these zones to get rewards. Each zone has different rewards and the amount of reward will increase from outermost to innermost zone respectively. 

Clubs & Attributes

Golf Battle MOD APK

It contains 135 unique golf clubs. There are three attributes: Power, Accuracy & Guideline. A club with more power will shoot the ball over long distances. Accuracy is the attribute for shooting straight. And Guideline is the line in front of the ball while aiming that shows you the direction of the ball. You can upgrade your clubs to increase these attributes. 


Golf Battle MOD APK

It has 13 unique locations and includes 120+ courses. Play golf in the pine forest, rocky mountains, snowy valley, Mayan jungle, or any other location you like. Each location has multiple courses and obstacles. Sand in the Rocky Mountains, strong winds in Windy Cliffs, rivers in Mayan Jungle, etc. will always stop you from going forward.

MOD Version of Golf Battle

The MOD version of Golf Battle has the following features.

Unlocked Clubs & Equipment – All the clubs, balls, and trails are unlocked.

Auto Reach Hole – You can set a value from 0 to 10 in this feature. When you set any number, the ball will reach the hole automatically after the same number of shots. Setting it to 0 will turn it off.

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Download Golf Battle

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