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Granny MOD Apk Download 1.8.1 (Frozen Enemies)


App Info of Granny

App Name



( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Frozen Enemies

About Granny

Do you want to enjoy a horror puzzle game? We have a special game for you which you have to complete with a creepy spirit. this is a game where you have to accomplish a room escape challenge with a lot of horror atmospheric experience. The name of this game is Granny and it is developed by DVloper. Recently this game has crossed 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. That’s why we are suggesting it to you.

Key Features of Granny

Creepy Setting and Atmosphere

In this game, you will find yourself trapped in a house and there you have to face a ghost whose name is Granny. Your aim is to escape from that house but granny will never let you do that. The best thing about this game is the creepy setting And horror atmosphere around you. it will give you up very nice thrill if you play it without switching on your light.

Escape Room Challenges

Your mail name is to escape from granny’s house. There will be a lot of puzzles and mysteries that you have to solve. You have to collect different types of items and keys so that you can solve the puzzles and mysteries. To unlock doors you need a key and you have to find them this is also a challenge in itself. So what you are waiting for solve the mysteries and escape Granny’s house.

Stealth and Survival Tactics

You have to become very silent every time because Granny is not an ordinary adversary. She is very quick to hear small noises that you make. so be quiet which will prove your best friend while you are enjoying this game. you have to move quickly but you have to make good strategies and decisions to overcome granny. You need good survival skills to get yourself from that granny’s house.

Limited Resources and Time Pressure

This game is not like other games in that you can take as much time to do missions. The granny will give you a limited number of days to escape from her house. You must use all your days in a strategic way by collecting items and solving puzzles very fast. This time pressure will add an extra layer of challenge every time whenever you play this game.

Randomized Gameplay for Replayability

This is the most advanced feature offered by this game. it means once you complete this game and you are successful in escaping granny’s house then on the next attempt you will get new challenges and surprises in the house to escape it. All the scenarios will be changed and it will give you all that entertainment and fun again.

Variety of Difficulty Levels

Starting this game comes with an easy difficulty level. But if you find it easy for you then you can adjust the difficulty settings. This game comes with different levels of bravery that you can select as per your preference. If you are a beginner then you can enjoy the easy mode. But if you want it more difficult and thrilling then you can change its difficulty level.

Download Granny

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