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Green's Secret: Idle
Greens Secret MOD APK

Green's Secret: Idle MOD Apk Download 0.0.4 (Mega MOD, God Mode)


Green's Secret MOD APK is a casual RPG featuring idle gameplay, 4 unique playstyles, varieties of enemies, and multiple game modes.

App Info of Green's Secret: Idle

App Name

Green's Secret: Idle


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega MOD, God Mode

About Green's Secret: Idle

Green’s Secret: Idle is a casual RPG game offered by MAFT Wireless. It’s a newly released game and is currently not available in all countries. It features idle gameplay, 4 unique playstyles, varieties of enemies, and a return function to get even stronger to face the enemies again from the start. 

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Gameplay of Green’s Secret: Idle

Greens Secret MOD APK (1)
Greens Secret MOD APK (1)

It has idle gameplay where your character will automatically move to the enemies and attack them. You can still control your character by sliding your finger on the screen. You start at level 1 and have to advance through levels by killing all the spawned enemies. The enemies will spawn at random and will attack you. You will have to kill them all using your attacks and skills to advance to the next level. 

On the top progress bar, you can see the current level and how many enemies will spawn & how many enemies are left. On killing them, you will get gold, player XP, and weapon XP. Use the gold to increase your ATK, HP, and HP Recovery stats to make your character stronger so that you can face stronger enemies at higher levels. 

Greens Secret MOD APK (2)
Greens Secret MOD APK (2)

With each next level, the number and strength of the enemies will increase. And at level 55, you will face the boss. Once defeated, you will proceed to the next location Snow Castle and after every 5 levels, you will face a boss and you will get 30 seconds to defeat it. Otherwise, you will have to play the previous 5 levels again. 

Return to Become Stronger

Greens Secret MOD APK (3)
Greens Secret MOD APK (3)

If you ever feel that the enemies are too strong for you to defeat, you can use the Return feature. When you use the Return, you will be returned to level 1 with all your player levels, weapons, abilities, talent upgrades, etc., but all your exercise levels will be reduced to level 1 again. However, in exchange, you will obtain relic fragments. Using the relic fragments, you can buy & upgrade mind-blowing relics that will give you amazing buffs and will increase your stats making you stronger. 

4 Weapons with Unique Skill Sets

It includes four unique weapons – Hammer, Cannon, Gloves, and Harp. Each weapon has four different skills. You can equip any two weapons and change them during the fight. But that doesn’t limit you from using the other two weapons. You can equip them too from the character’s section.

Greens Secret MOD APK (4)
Greens Secret MOD APK (4)

You can increase the weapon’s level to enhance them using the reinforcement fragments and also upgrade them to a higher rank using the weapon of the same rank. Moreover, their abilities are also upgradable which increases their damage and reduces their cooldown period. Also, at certain ability levels, they unlock crystal slots in which you can equip crystals to apply extra buffs. 

MOD Version of Greens Secret

The MOD version of Green’s Secret comes with the following features.

High Damage

Using this feature increases your character, weapons, and abilities’ damage so much that you will only few hits to kill the enemies including the elite bosses. It’s a very helpful feature to kill the bosses within 30 seconds. 

God Mode

At higher levels, the overwhelming number of enemies and their strength can easily defeat you. But by using God Mode, no one can kill you. No matter how many enemies are there or how strong they are, they won’t be able to reduce your HP even by one. 

No Skill Cooldown

Skills are very valuable in the game to deal massive damage to a large number of enemies. Using these skills, you can easily take down many enemies at once. But their cooldown period is also an obstacle. Therefore, we have added this feature. When activated, you can use the skills back-to-back without any breaks. There will be no cooldown period. 

Attack & Move Speed Multiplier

These two features let you increase the attack speed and movement speed of your character. You can input a value of 100 at max in the multiplier. Having great speed increases the battle pace and getting to higher levels takes only a little time. These are great features to save a lot of time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many types of weapons are there?

There are four types of weapons – Hammer, Cannon, Glove, and Harp. 


Green’s Secret Idle has lots of equipment, relics, pets, costumes, and talent upgrades that let you make your hero strongest. You can choose any two weapons, each with 4 unique skills to take down your enemies.

Download Green's Secret: Idle

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