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Tailed Demon Slayer
Tailed Demon Slayer Mod

Tailed Demon Slayer MOD Apk Download 1.4.02 (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD)


Play Tailed Demon Slayer MOD APK to start your adventurous journey to become stronger and defeat undead enemies & undead king to free Bestia.

App Info of Tailed Demon Slayer

App Name

Tailed Demon Slayer


( 5 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money, No Skill CD

About Tailed Demon Slayer

Tailed Demon Slayer is an idle role-playing adventure game offered by CookApps. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Start your adventurous journey to become stronger, master all types of weapons, and defeat undead enemies & undead king to free Bestia & your friends from his tyranny.

Overview of Tailed Demon Slayer


Tailed Demon Slayer (Unlimited Money)

The story is about a Fox who was born in a place named Bestia, full of diverse beast folks. But his life was not so good as he was barely spending his days eating scraps. A hamster, well-known as the Master Hamster who was a great warrior with the might to defeat the undead king, rescued him and made him his disciple. Years passed. And one day, his master received a letter from the folk of Bestia. They came to know that Lick King had invaded the Bestia and taken control of it.

Tailed Demon Slayer (Unlimited Money)

Master Hamster sent his two top disciples, Bronto & Aquilla, to slay him. But they were caught off-guard and were put under the curse. They end up as the top bosses of his army. After hearing this, Fox decided to defeat the Undead King himself and started his journey. Will he be able to achieve his goal? Download the game and find out. Or, why not you help him achieve his goal?  


Tailed Demon Slayer (Unlimited Money)

Tailed Demon Slayer is an RPG with idle gameplay. Your character, Fox, will automatically attack the nearest enemies. You can also move him by dragging your finger on the screen. Enemies will spawn and try to stop you from advancing. Use your skills and kill them. On killing them, you will get gold, player EXP & weapon EXP.

Use the gold to increase your stats such as Attack, HP, and HP Recovery to become stronger as enemies will get stronger too as you proceed to higher stages. Weapon EXP is required to increase the weapon level and unlock new skills.

Tailed Demon Slayer (Unlimited Money)

On the top of the screen, you can see the progress bar. It shows the current stage number & remaining number of enemies in the current stage. Kill undead enemies, upgrade your stats, master different types of weapons, become stronger, advance to higher stages, and kill the Undead King to save the Bestia.

4 Types of Weapons

Tailed Demon Slayer (Unlimited Money)

There are four types of weapons: Sword, Dagger, Bow & Magic Wand. Each weapon has a unique skill set. Do you like close combat, if yes, then wanna fight with brute force & a big sword or use the skills with a combination of poison-inflicting skills & bombs? Don’t like close combats? No worries. Use a bow or magic wand. And it’s not a simple magic wand. With it, you can use freeze magic, lightning magic as well as fire magic. You can also upgrade these weapons and their skills. Upgrading skills also let you infuse rune stones that add amazing deadly effects.

MOD Version of Tailed Demon Slayer

The MOD version of Tailed Demon Slayer has the following features.


  2. Unlimited gold
  3. Unlimited gems
  4. Unlimited stones
  5. Damage multiplier
  6. Defense multiplier
  7. Health multiplier
  8. Attack speed multiplier
  9. Move speed multiplier

Note: Some devices cannot use this mod. The game will give an error: “The server is currently under maintenance”


No Skill Cooldown
God Mod
Monster 1 DMG
Monster 1 HP ( One Hit Kill)
Instant Kill All enemy
Boss Time Ported to 100 Seconds
Vip Enabled
Gems / Gold Don’t Decrease when Spend

Info :
– “Monster 1 Hp” / “Monster 1 DMG ” / Boss Time Ported to 100 Seconds ” will work at next wave Enemy spawn.
-If your stuck into “Try To Login”, you are banned / Detected root environment.
-If you got “Update Message” mean your device is incompatible.
-Recommend No root environment Device/Emulator to avoid ban and device compatibility.


[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Godmode
  • -> One Shot Kill
  • -> No Skill Cooldown

[ Add Per Kill Menu ]

  • -> Subtract Instead
  • -> Amount To Add [0 – 10000]
  • -> Exp
  • -> Gem
  • -> Gold
  • -> Stage
  • -> Normal Summon
  • -> Premium Summon
  • -> Special Summon
  • -> Equipment Stone
  • -> Skill Stone
  • -> Reinforce Stone
  • -> Pet Mileage
  • -> Equipment Mileage
  • -> Monster Card Mileage
  • -> VIP // Max VIP
  • -> Restart Season Pass
  • -> Max Season Pass

cr: Axey

Unlimited Money – The resources or in-game currency used in the game are gold, gemstone, skill upgrade stones, and relic stones. You need these resources to upgrade your hero and his weapons. As you proceed to higher levels, you will face stronger enemies, and killing them & earning gold will be a hard task. Therefore, we are giving you unlimited gold & gemstones. You can easily upgrade your hero, his skills & weapons to the max level. Also, you can buy as many chests as you want.

No Skill Cooldown – You can use skills instantly after using them.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. None of your entered data is shared with any party. It is completely safe to use.

How many types of weapons I can use?

There are 4 types of weapons: Swords, Daggers, Magic Wand & Bows. You can equip any two weapons at once & swap them anytime.

Does it have idle gameplay?

Yes. It has idle gameplay. You can go offline and your hero will keep fighting the enemies & advancing to the next levels.


Thank you very much for reading this post. Tailed Demon Slayer is a mind-blowing RPG game with amazing skill effects and idle gameplay. It features 4 weapons with unique skills and you can equip 2 weapons at once.

Download Tailed Demon Slayer

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