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Grim Soul
Grim Soul Dark Survival Rpg Mod

Grim Soul MOD Apk Download 5.0.5 (Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked)


Grim Soul MOD APK is a role-playing game where you will play in the Plaguelands as an exile, and build shelter & fight enemies to survive.

App Info of Grim Soul

App Name

Grim Soul


( 2 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Mega Menu/VIP Unlocked

About Grim Soul

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is a role-playing game offered by Brickworks Games Ltd. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Play in the Plaguelands as an exile, collect resources, build shelter, kill the infected enemies, and survive as long as possible.

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Overview of Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival


Grim Soul is an MMORPG survival game. You will play as a survivor in the Plagueland where humans and animals are infected by the plague and turned into zombies. And you have to survive in these lands. You will start with nothing. You have to collect resources such as wood, stones, grass, etc., and craft necessary items. Craft a stone axe & pickaxe to cut down trees and break the rocks. Your thirst & hunger level will drop over time. Once these levels drop to 0, you will lose your HP over time.

Eat berries & meat and drink water to increase the water level. Also, build a shelter, and place traps & defenses to protect it from the enemies. You can place the chests in the shelter where you can store all your items. So you can explore many locations and gather resources. You will get XP for every work you do like collecting, cutting, breaking, killing, etc.

100+ Items to Craft

Crafting is the main part of the game. To survive in this world, you must learn to craft items. In the crafting menu, you can see the full list of items you can craft. But to craft them, you have to learn how to craft them first. Learning the craft takes crafting points. You get one crafting point each time you level up. You can also get them by completing quests. Collect points, learn to craft, and then collect resources needed to craft any item. The most basic items are a club, stone axe, and pickaxe. Club for fighting zombies, a stone axe for cutting trees, and a pickaxe for breaking rocks. Some of the items you can craft are peasant chest, raven cage, smelter, cart thill, bandage, stone-working bench, carpenter’s bench, dagger, cart, sewing table, spiked mace, morning star, etc.

Varieties of Skills

There are 7 classes of skills and each class has multiple skills. These classes are Active, Damage, Healing, Evasion, Resource, Character, and Special. Skills inactive classes are active in nature which means you have to use them manually. And the skills of the rest of the classes are passive in nature and take effect automatically. Active skills must be charged to use them. Taking damage from the enemies charges your active skills. Damage skill increases the damage of a certain weapon. Healing skill increases the healing effects of a certain healing item.

MOD Version of Grim Soul

The MOD version of Grim Soul has the following features.

VIP Unlocked – As you all know the official game has a VIP subscription in it that grants many in-game benefits to the players who purchase it. But you don’t need to spend money on that VIP subscription. You are getting it for free.

MOD Menu – Another best feature is its MOD menu which contains many options such as God Mode, Free Craft, Free Split, No Cost Energy, Damage Multiplier, etc. You can enable and disable these features whenever you want via the menu.

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Download Grim Soul

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