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Hero Park Shops & Dungeons
Hero Park- Shops & Dungeons

Hero Park: Shops & Dungeons MOD Apk Download 1.15.7 (Unlimited Gold)


Hero Park MOD APK is a simulation game where you will build the best hero park & dungeons to attack heroes & adventurers to earn money.

App Info of Hero Park: Shops & Dungeons

App Name

Hero Park: Shops & Dungeons


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Gold

About Hero Park: Shops & Dungeons

Hero Park MOD APK features the story of an old war hero who returns to their hometown with his unicorn after five years of the great war. But the once glorious town is now only a ruin of stones. All the monsters also left the dungeons. To return it to its former glory, he decides to rebuild the town. But it requires money, a lot of money. And that’s how he starts the adventure hero park to earn money.

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Build Your Adventurous Hero Park

Hero Park is a management simulation game offered by Fun Flavor Games with tycoon elements. In it, you will create your hero park to attract heroes & adventurers to your town and earn money to return the town to its former glory. You can create the town as you like it to be. There are lots of buildings such as taverns, weapon forges, temples, armor forges, magic shops, potion shops, etc. You can also upgrade the buildings to increase the production rate, auto-built, and number of employees. 

Hero Park (1)

For heroes’ hunger for adventure, various types of dungeons are available. You can breed varieties of monsters and leave them in the dungeons. Heroes won’t know if they are pet monsters or not. You can create fake treasures as well in the junk faction and hide them in the dungeons. 

The heroes only need action & some shiny items. As long as these requirements are met, they won’t see any difference in original or fake. Heroes & adventurers will have fun and you will get your money to restore your town. 

Hire Your Team to Manage Buildings

Hero Park MOD APK has many kinds of people you can hire to work in the town. Your sister-in-law, Brunhilde, is a fine alchemist who can craft good health potions. Heroes do need the potions after their adventure. Your sister Magdalena and mom are great cooks who can handle the tavern and sell meat, beer, snacks, and much more. 

Hero Park (2)

Hire Frosty to craft magical wands and Axefried to craft axes, bows, and other weapons. Many characters are elite in their jobs and have three different crafting skills. You can also upgrade them with fewer points. You will also find employees with legendary skills who have the chance of tricking heroes into spending more money in the town. 

For instance, Rosemary’s potions are full of love. Whenever a hero drinks her potions, he can become lovesick and then get drunk in the tavern. Vrodo’s swords have a 25% chance of being destroyed in combat. Then the hero has to buy a new sword from the town and if he gets injured in combat, then he has to buy a health potion too. There are many more possibilities. 

Attract Heroes & Adventurers with Your Unicorn

Who would want to come to an unknown abandoned town that was abandoned for five years and not a single dungeon was alive? No one, right? So, Heroes won’t come to your unknown town either unless someone attracts them. You can send the Unicorn to attract heroes & adventurers to your town. There won’t be many who will come, but a few are enough for the starters. Then they can tell others about the town & dungeon. And with time, popular heroes will come to your town for adventure.

Hero Park (3)

Whenever heroes enter the dungeons and defeat monsters or find treasures, you earn RP which is required to increase the town’s reputation. On collecting a certain number of RP, your town’s level increases, and new buildings & characters are unlocked. 

Choose The Best Visitors to Earn More Money

When attracting visitors in the Hero Park MOD APK, it shows you four heroes with their gold & needs. You can choose any two of them. After that, it shows you two more heroes. You can select one of them. So, a total of 3 heroes can be attracted per round in the town. Therefore, it’s necessary to attack the right ones to earn more money. 

Hero Park (4)

In these cases, you can see who has more needs and money. If they have more needs, then they will buy more items. And if they have more money, then they can purchase expensive products too. Ultimately, you will earn more money. 

Breed Various Types of Monsters for Dungeons

Heroes crave real adventure and treasure in the dungeons. But the dungeons in your town are all empty. Not a single monster is living there. If heroes come to know about it, they don’t come to your village. So, what will you do? Create your monster farm behind the town and hire your brother Kunibert who can train goblins. Then leave those goblins in the dungeons for starters. Want Orcs or Imps, then contact Esmeralda who is an expert in monsters. 

Hero Park (5)

You can also build graveyards for zombies, skeletons, mummies, and, other types of undead monsters. Friedel is ready to help you raise a skeleton & zombie army for your dungeon. Undead monsters can infect the heroes & adventurers with deadly diseases & curses. Then they have to visit the temple for blessing & cure. 

Download Hero Park: Shops & Dungeons

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