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Idle Lumber Empire
Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon Mod

Idle Lumber Empire MOD Apk Download 1.6.8 (Free Purchase, VIP)


Idle Lumber MOD APK is a management simulation game where you can build your lumber & house manufacturing business to become the richest man.

App Info of Idle Lumber Empire

App Name

Idle Lumber Empire


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Purchase, VIP

About Idle Lumber Empire

Build your hardwood & softwood which is also known as Lumber and house to become a tycoon. Build your business empire within a city. If you are looking for a game in which you can do such amazing things like these, then this Idle Lumber MOD APK is only for you. Join this game to grow your in-game business which you want to do in an imaginary world.

This game has more than 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store with the very best ratings and reviews by its players or users. Game Veterans are the developer of this game, and they are making quite impressive simulation games for us. This is the game from their collection. Build your empire city within this game and build the best wealth including your city. Get on the various business which you can afford within this game. To take some more information about this game, we have to take an overview of this game.

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Overview Of Idle Lumber

In this Idle Lumber, you will get provided with some amazing characters who will help you to build your business empire in your city. There will be a lot of things that you can do in this Idle Lumber. Use the best business strategies with helpful worker characters and grow your business in no time. In this game, first, you will have to clean up the forests, later on, build the mile lines, and maintain and upgrade your vehicles which are gonna used for your various works in your business.

Sales executives are also playing the important role in your business empire. And after all, collect the Bizpoints to be on the next level. By going through all these phrases, you will become the best Tycoon in your world. There are a lot of features within this Idle Lumber, so we are going to discuss some of the important features of this game one by one.

Idle Lumber MOD APK_result
Idle Lumber MOD APK_result

Regrow The Forests

First, you all need to clean up the forests and have to plant some best trees for your business. After growing the plants that you have planted on your land, you can simply take the woods and every necessary thing for your factory. So, buy land after collecting money so that you can collect your resources from all that land. So collect more land and space that you can for your business. For cleaning the forests, you must need some tools and workers, also this will goona take few minutes to finish your cleaning in any forests. Use the best tools and workers for cleaning forests as quickly as ever.

Idle Lumber MOD APK 2_result
Idle Lumber MOD APK 2_result

Tools & Workers

Use the best tools and workers for your every work from this game. As you go to do anything in your factory or city, you must need specific tools and workers for that. So, firstly you simply have to build the workers for your work and also have to make some tools required for your work. Besides, you can also, upgrade your tools and worker after some time. Behalf of all these, you just need some specific managers also, so that a specific manager can look for your running work after you exit from the game.

Some of the managers are locked for specific levels. After you have finished some specific level then you can unlock the managers by spending in-game money. Required tools are also must updated, if you wish to finish your work as soon as possible then you can upgrade your tools to the max levels for finishing your work on the field asap.

Idle Lumber MOD APK 3_result
Idle Lumber MOD APK 3_result


If you are spending your money only on a single factory then it is wrong. Because, if you want your business empire then you must build factories for the different types of sectors. In Lumber, you will find the various types of wood which can be produced. So, you can build factories for such types of lumber in your city. After building them you also need to take care of them every time. You can ignore any of them for a while.

In Idle Lumber, aggressive planning and mindsets can be very useful to grow your business fastly and in the right direction. Factories also have some levels to upgrade, you can also upgrade your factories or workstations on the maximum levels by spending your in-game money on them. By upgrading them, you will get the results of factory work. The factory work will become also fast as ever. So, upgrade them to get the best results.

Idle Lumber MOD APK 4_result
Idle Lumber MOD APK 4_result


For transporting various of your raw materials from factory to distributors you must need vehicles for such works. So, get the different types of vehicles to make your working transporting better than ever. Also, upgrade them to the next level for more customizations. Give them the best skins or colors to get more attractive while using.

Idle Lumber MOD APK 5_result
Idle Lumber MOD APK 5_result

Graphics & Sounds

The graphics of this game is quite impressive. Get the top-notch graphics with HDR settings within this game. Also, the sound effects of this game are good. With both the graphics and sound effects, you will get to enjoy the amazing experience of this game. We hope that you will love to play this amazing game on your device without any problems. Thank you.


1. Unlimited Money*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. Unlimited Biz Points*
4. Unlimited Reputation*
*never decrease when you spent

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Download Idle Lumber Empire

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