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Infinite Magicraid (6)
Infinite Magicraid

Infinite Magicraid MOD Apk Download 1.36.0 (Menu, Speed Battle)


Play Infinite Magicraid MOD APK to go on an immersive journey to save the world from evil god Lihem who is corrupting & eroding everything.

App Info of Infinite Magicraid

App Name

Infinite Magicraid


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Speed Battle

About Infinite Magicraid

Infinite Magicraid MOD APK is a great turn-based RPG game with tactical strategy elements. It is offered by DHGAMES and features 250+ heroes from 11 different factions having a unique set of skills and exclusive weapons that lets you come up with countless strategies to dominate the enemy’s lineups. From 12 campaign chapters with an interesting story to multiplayer arena mode, auto-battles to idle rewards, and events to dungeons for rich rewards, it has everything that will provide you with an immersive & exciting gameplay experience. 

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Turn-Based Tactical Strategy RPG Gameplay

Infinite Magicraid (1)

It features turn-based tactical gameplay where you will fight against the enemy waves in turns. It shows the enemy lineup before the stage to let you create your lineup depending on their factions, attack types, specialties, or marks. 

In the battle, the characters’ Speed stats will decide the turns. The higher the stats, the earlier his/her turn will be. You can tap on the enemy to target him and select a basic attack or skill to attack him with. Skills have a cooldown period and you have to wait for a certain number of turns to use them again. 

Many types of heroes, attacks, and skills are suitable for various types of situations like single-target, multi-target, area damage, shield, buff, debuff, healing, bleeding, stun, etc. You need to devise tactics to face the opponents effectively using everything wisely. 

Defeating all the waves will clear the stage and you will earn rewards like Adventure EXP, EXP Potions, equipment, artifacts, etc. Heroes also gain experience from the battle which is required for increasing their levels. 

225+ Heroes with Unique Skills Set

Infinite Magicraid (2)

Infinite Magicraid MOD APK has 225+ heroes, each with unique skills and attack types. Many heroes are perfect for dealing a high amount of damage to a single target while many can deal reasonable AOE damage to multiple targets. Support heroes have skills to support other heroes using their healing skills & shields, by granting them various buffs like HP deduction, damage reflection, ATK boost, or by removing debuffs via cleanse, removal, revival, etc. 

Some heroes can apply debuffs like poison, bleed, burn, focus fire, HP burning, severe wound, control, etc. to enemies. Whatever the situation needs, the heroes can fulfill it with their unique attacks & skills. 

11 Factions Providing You Bonus Effects

There are a total of 11 factions – Dragon Tribe, Sunset Sages, Doom Legion, The Forgotten, Nameless Brotherhood, Hidden Wave, Sword Harbor Guards, Foresters, Holy Light Parliament, Eternal Sect, and Wizard’s Eye. All heroes are a part of one of these factions. Deploying more than two heroes of the same faction grants them a bonus that greatly enhances their fighting & supporting capabilities. The higher the numbers, the higher the bonus effects. This bonus is unique for each faction. 

Choose Heroes Based on Enemy Lineup

Infinite Magicraid (3)

Heroes are also divided into three classes depending on their attack marks – Red, Greed, Blue, and Force. Here’s a cycle – Blue ➡ Green ➡ Red ➡ Blue. Each mark counters the next mark dealing 25% more damage while receiving 25% damage reduction. Force mark has no counters. You can use these marks to counter the enemies and deal more damage to them. 

Multiple Ways to Get Stronger

Getting stronger is a must in the Infinite Magicraid MOD APK. It’s the only way to defeat powerful enemies that you will face in higher stages. If you fail to do so, then you can’t save the Sword Harbor from the evil god Lihem. There are many ways you can get stronger. Below are some of the ways that you can use.

Upgrade, Craft, and Awaken Your Heroes

Infinite Magicraid (4)

The basic and most common way is to upgrade your hero’s level. You can use the hero EXP potions to do so. Leveling up increases their HP, ATK, Def, and other attribute stats. You can also increase their star level by consuming five other heroes of the same star level. Doing so increases their maximum levels and greatly increases their stats as well. 

Once you upgrade them to 5 stars, you can awaken them to their maximum potential. It also allows them to equip their exclusive weapons, auro, and emblems. 

Unlock Heroes’ Exclusive Weapons

All heroes have their unique exclusive weapons that only unlock when the heroes reach their true potential levels – awakening levels. Not only do these weapons increase their HP, ATK & Def rate by percentage, but also grant additional buff effects to their basic attacks, skills & attributes. 

Equip Equipment & Artifacts

Infinite Magicraid (5)

Equipment is categorized into 14 sets based on basic attributes and each set is further divided into four different classes- Weapons, Armor, Boots, and accessories. You can equip one piece of equipment from each class. Equipping 2 or 4 equipment of the same activates their set effects. For instance, the ATK set increases your team’s attack by 15% & 30%, the Healing set increases healing effects by 20% & 40%, the Crit Rate set increases the critical rate by 15% & 30%, etc. 

Select Emblems to Increase Specific Attributes

Emblems are the best way to balance your heroes’ various attributes. If you think any hero has great attack power but lacks in defense, you can equip a defense emblem to upgrade defense attributes like RES, DEF, DMG Reflect, DoT, Tenacity, etc. Emblems allow you to upgrade any specific attributes you want. Likewise, attack & support attributes can be increased as well. 

MOD Features of Infinite Magicraid

MOD Info:

  • Fast Battle (100x)

Download Infinite Magicraid

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