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Legend City
Legend City_result

Legend City MOD Apk Download 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money)


In Legend City Mod APK, Start your journey from civilian to president and find the various mysterious things that you can do within game.

App Info of Legend City

App Name

Legend City


( 9 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Legend City

Want to try out a city full of powers and beautiful actresses to date them? Then download this Legend City Mod APK on your device for free. This is a city that is building and conquering. One of the best RPG simulation games on the internet. In this city, you will get to choose to be a civilian or a politician. Choose and continue on your journey. This game has more than 1 Million downloads on the Google Play Store with the best ratings and reviews. Besides, this application will easily run on Android version 5.0 or above it. Let’s take an overview of this application to get more information about it. Stay tuned.

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Journey From Civilian To President

In this Legend City, you will get to play an simulation. Start your journey from civilian to president. On the way to your journey, find the various mysterious things that you can do within this game. You can date the awesome actress from worldwide within this game. Live luxurious life and invest your money in gold and stocks. Join the best alliance systems and fight with the others to get control of your nation in your hands. Find such agents for your alliance to carry your missions further in a proper way. Arrange the best agents and train them to build the best army. Operate your dates with the various secretaries from the other alliance and gather important intel from them. Let’s take a look at some features of this game to get more knowledge.

Legend City Mod Apk 4_result
Legend City Mod Apk 4_result

Mysterious Seas

Explore all mysterious seas from your maps to collect the in-game treasures from them. Observe and gather the information from such mysterious seas from your agents and move on to your mission to collect treasures and in-game money from them. Collect that treasure and money to build a standard city under your severance. These overseas properties are also added to various events so that these all seas get more exciting to play and find.

Legend City MOD APK_result
Legend City MOD APK_result

Recruit & Upgrade Agents

Find the best agents that will work for you and add them according to their skills. Also, you can invest in your agents for various upgrades for them. The best agents will always work for you so invest your gold to upgrade them and unleash their true potential in your field works. The more you add powerful agents the more you will get the best army that will work forever for you. Join them in the best alliance team to get the proper way to bring your city to the top. Unite with your alliance and agents and fight with the others for your city.

Legend City MOD APK 2_result
Legend City MOD APK 2_result

Build Best City

Work hard and collect the loot as gold and treasures to become financially strong. Also, invest your wanted money in gold or stocks as you wish. But with your remaining money, you will have to build your city. In your city, you can build various buildings that are needed in a specific modern city. The more you build the best then the more you feel realistic gameplay within this game. Use your money properly and manage to build a prosperous city with your money. And protect your city’s most needed and important objects with your team.

Legend City MOD APK 1_result
Legend City MOD APK 1_result


Enjoy the realistic graphics from this game on every device. As you will play with the various characters within this game then the graphics should be best. So, this game has fulfilled this wish and provided us with the best and the most awesome graphics to enjoy. With realistic graphics and the best sound effects, you will get the best-experienced gameplay of this game. Download Legend City APK from our website.

Download Legend City

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