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Little Singham

Little Singham MOD Apk Download 5.12.556 (Unlimited Money)


Play Little Singham MOD APK to help the little Singham defeat the evil boss Kaal in this 3-lane endless runner game.

App Info of Little Singham

App Name

Little Singham






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Little Singham

Hello, friends. Little Singham is here to fight against the crimes and defeat the evil boss, Kaal. Play the game to help him in his battles using different types of boosters & power-ups. Recharge his special punch power and unleash a powerful punch to send the enemies flying. Do you think it’s easy? Nope. It’s not. Play the game and you will know the real challenge of the endless runner where the speed will keep on increasing.

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Overview of Little Singham

Little Singham is an action-packed endless runner game offered by Zapak. It has more than ten million downloads and a 4.1 rating out of 5 on the Play Store. Choose your character, collect power-ups, avoid obstacles, tackle Kallu & Ballu, defeat bosses, and score as much as possible. 


It’s a three-lane endless runner game. You will control Little Singham who is chasing the evil boss Kaal. On your way, you will face many obstacles such as incoming vehicles, concrete pipes, barricades, Kallu & Ballu, etc. You will have to avoid these obstacles by jumping over them, sliding through them, or changing lanes, depending on the obstacle type. If you collide with any of them, you will lose.

There will be coins & boosters as well on the way. You can pick them up. Coins are the primary in-game currencies that are used to buy & upgrade boosters. And boosters will grant you special powers for a short duration. You will accumulate your score and the game’s speed will increase over time. The moment you collide with anything will be game over for you. And the final score will be equal to the accumulated score plus collected coins. 

Complete Missions & Increase Your Score Multiplier

To increase the rate of scoring, you can complete missions and increase the score multiplier. This game gives you three different missions. After completing them, your score multiplier increases by one, and new missions reappear. You can complete them for a further increase in the multiplier up to 30. As the multiplier increases, the scoring rate increases, and the missions’ difficulties increase as well.

Use Various Types of Boosters

It has many types of boosters and they are divided into two categories – Single-Use Boosters and pickable Boosters. Single-use boosters are hoverboard, headstart, mega headstart, and score booster. You can use the hoverboard anytime while running, and the rest of the boosters can only be activated at the start of the run. The hoverboard can be activated by double tapping on the screen. While it’s in effect, it will save you from the collision once.

Pickable boosters are coin magnets, double coins, body armor, power boots & rocket, and will spawn on the tracks randomly. You can pick them up to use their powers. These boosters are upgradable to increase their time duration. Body armor saves you once on collision. Power boots increase your running speed closing the distance between you and the boss. The coin magnet attracts all the nearby coins from all three lanes. 

You will fly in the sky with the rocket with no obstacles around. There will be only coins. And the double coin booster will double the number of coins collected while it’s active.

Defeat Powerful Bosses

After running for a certain distance, you will enter another dimension where you will confront the boss. He will throw obstacles in your way. You have to avoid them. Sometimes, he will also throw a green ball. You can throw that ball back to hit him. Hitting him with the ball three times will recharge your special punch. Singham will automatically use his punch on the boss sending him flying at a great distance. You will also get 500 coins as a reward for defeating him. 

MOD Version of Little Singham

The MOD version of Little Singham includes the following features.

Unlimited Money – You can upgrade all boosters to the max level easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many types of boosters does this game have?

It has 9 types of boosters. Some of them are coin magnets, body armor, power boots, score booster, and hoverboard.

What does a score booster do?

The score booster increases your score multiplier by 2.

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Little Singham is an excellent endless runner game with lots of obstacles to overcome and boosters with different powers. It also has many skins for Singham, hoverboard, bike & car. You can choose any skin you like. Fight with Kaal in another dimension is also exciting. You can also complete challenges & word hunts to earn rewards. Overall, it’s a great game. So, get it now and help Little Singham to defeat Kaal & score higher. 

Download Little Singham

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