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Lonely Survivor MOD APK

Lonely Survivor MOD Apk Download 1.18.0 (God Mode/Unlimited Gold)


Lonely Survivor MOD APK is a roguelike role-playing game where you can create unique combinations of weapons & skills to kill enemy hordes.

App Info of Lonely Survivor

App Name

Lonely Survivor


( 11 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


God Mode/Unlimited Gold

About Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor is a roguelike role-playing game offered by Cobby Labs. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.7 rating out of 5. It supports offline so you don’t need an internet connection and can enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want. Its roguelike gameplay will provide you with a unique experience with each gameplay. You won’t get to repeat anything multiple times which makes it pretty fun to play, every time something new. 

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Lonely Survivor MOD APK (1)
Lonely Survivor MOD APK (1)

It has very simple gameplay. You will choose your hero and start your chapter of slaying your enemies. In the chapter, countless enemies will enter the arena from the surroundings to kill you. You have to avoid getting hit by them and kill them. 

Lonely Survivor MOD APK (2)
Lonely Survivor MOD APK (2)

Drag the screen to move your hero. Your hero will automatically attack the enemies. Enemies will drop EXP crystals on death. Collect those crystals to level up your hero. With each level up, you get to choose a skill from 3 random skills. You can use up to 6 active skills that will attack the enemies and 6 passive skills to enhance your hero and active skills in the whole gameplay.

Lonely Survivor MOD APK (3)
Lonely Survivor MOD APK (3)

A chapter lasts for 15 minutes. You will face 2 chieftain bosses and the final boss after playing the chapter for 5, 10, and 15 minutes respectively without dying. You will be blocked in a closed square with the boss while facing him and you can’t leave the square until you defeat him. On defeating the chieftain bosses, you will get HP, a magnet, and a chest. The chest gives you up to 3 upgrades of the skills that you already have. And killing the final boss rewards you with random gear and gold. 

7 Unique Heroes with Unique Skills

You are getting 7 unique heroes to play in this game. Each hero has different attribute stats and skills. Ruby has the magic affinity and accumulates extra EXP in battles. There are Boney, Clownie, Jason, Jack, Lucifer, and Lv Bu too. You can choose any hero you like. 

Lonely Survivor MOD APK (4)
Lonely Survivor MOD APK (4)

Lucifer has the devilish god skill. This skill further has two subskills- Angelic Power and Devilish Power. When Lucifer uses the Devilish God skill, he spread his wings and uses both subskills for a short duration. During that duration, angelic power stuns all the enemies, and devilish power fires missiles at the nearest enemies.

MOD Version of Lonely Survivor

The MOD version of Lonely Survivor comes with mind-blowing features that let you play the game without caring about the gold, upgrades, or the overwhelming number of enemies. It allows you to play the game with the best gears & levels. The features are as follows:

God Mode

The number of enemies increases a lot at higher levels. And if you don’t have enough attack power, they can easily approach you and kill you. To avoid that result, we have added the God mode. When activated, you will become immortal and no amount of damage will affect your HP. 

One-Hit Kill

Mini-bosses, chieftain bosses, and final bosses have so much HP. It’s not easy to kill them while facing an overwhelming number of enemies. In those situations, you can enable the One-Hit Kill feature. Then, it will take only a hit to kill any enemy of any amount of HP. 

Instant Kill All Enemies

When an overwhelming number of enemies surrounds you, it’s hard to deal a single hit to all of them in time. You can kill the enemies at the front. But while dealing with them, enemies from behind can easily close the distance and attack you. For those situations, this MOD has the Instant Kill All Enemies feature. When you use this feature, it will kill all the enemies present on the map instantly. 

Unlimited Gold

Gold is the primary in-game currency that is used to upgrade the gears and the talent tree of the hero. But the upgrade cost increases with each level and the rate of earning gold is not enough to upgrade everything at once. No worries. You are getting unlimited gold.

Movement Speed Multiplier

There are many types of enemies with different movement speeds. At higher levels, most of them can easily catch up to you and you won’t get enough time to escape from them. In this MOD, you can use the movement speed multiplier to increase your movement by multiple times. With this, you can easily escape from clutch situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely secure for use.

How many skills can I pick up?

You can pick up to 6 active skills and 6 passive skills. 


Thanks for visiting. Lonely Survivor is a mind-blowing roguelike game that has more than 50 unique skills. And with each gameplay, you can use new skill combinations to crush your enemies.

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Lonely Survivor MOD APK


Lonely Survivor

God Mode/Unlimited Gold


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