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Ninja Survivors Online
Ninja Survivors Online

Ninja Survivors Online MOD Apk Download 1.450 (Unlimited Money, Speed Game)


Play Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK and survive the endless monster hordes with your friend or solo using countless weapons & skills.

App Info of Ninja Survivors Online

App Name

Ninja Survivors Online


( 2 )





Requires Android



Unlimited Money, Speed Game

About Ninja Survivors Online

Survive in the Ninja Survivors Online against the overwhelming monsters hordes using countless weapons & skills combinations. You can either go alone to face them or invite your friend to survive together. You will have fun the entire 6 minutes you spend in a match killing those monsters. 

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Overview of Ninja Survivors Online

Ninja Survivors Online is an arcade survival game offered by Puzzle Monsters. It features 4 unique ninja characters, hundreds of pieces of equipment, countless weapons & skill perks, and 25 different chapters, each containing different types of monsters. You can play solo or with a player online. Winning against an endless horde of monsters will not be an easy task in this game.


Ninja Survivors Online (1)
Ninja Survivors Online (1)

In this game, you will start a chapter, either solo or with a player, in which you will face countless monsters. They will keep spawning in the arena and attack you. You need to escape from them and survive. Your character will automatically shoot the nearest monsters. On killing the monsters, they will drop EXP orbs. 

EXP orbs are needed to increase your ninja’s level. At each level, you will get a random weapon, up to 5 weapons max. You will also get weapon upgrades. Each weapon can be upgraded five times. The ninja will use all the weapons simultaneously automatically. You need to avoid getting hit by enemies. 

You will face 6 waves of monsters, each lasting for one minute. And at the end of each wave, all the present monsters will be wiped out and you can choose one skill perk. Selecting 3 different skill perks of a weapon upgrades the weapon to its ultimate form. After clearing all six waves, the boss will spawn in the arena. Kill the boss to clear the chapter. For clearing the chapter, you will get coins, player EXP, and gems. 

Countless Weapons, Skills, Skill Perks & Combinations

Ninja Survivors Online (2)
Ninja Survivors Online (2)

There are lots of weapons & skills such as kunai, shuriken, shiv’s blade, fire phoenix, ice phoenix, arrows, katana, lightning, defensive domain, mace, whip, bombs, boomerang, and many more. And each weapon has three skill perks. You will get weapons randomly. But you can choose the skills perks. So, you can decide which weapon or skill to upgrade to its ultimate form. 

Upgrade Your Equipment to Mythical Rarity

Ninja Survivors Online (3)
Ninja Survivors Online (3)

To strengthen your ninja, you can equip your head, hands, legs & body equipment. Head & hands equipment increases your attack power and body & leg equipment increases your HP. Equipment is also divided into six rarities – normal, advanced, rare, hero, legendary, and mythic. The higher the equipment rarity, the more sub-skills it has. You can upgrade them to increase their stats.

Also, you can merge three pieces of equipment of the same type to increase its rarity level. Moreover, if you don’t need any equipment anymore, you can reset its level & rarity back to their original to refund the used coins. That way, you can level up the equipped equipment. 

4 Ninjas with Special Powers

Ninja Survivors Online (4)
Ninja Survivors Online (4)

It has four ninjas – Luho, Lucy, Shiba, and Ken-kun. All of them have different active and party skills. Luho’s weapon is kunai and his party skill increases the ally’s attack by 20%. Lucy uses firecrackers to create a pool of flame and her party skill recovers her & allies’ HP by 50%. Shiba throws bones that ricochet between enemies and his party skill can revive his ally. Lastly, Ken-Kun uses his katana to cut down the monsters and his party skill grants a shield to him & his ally when he uses the teleport.

MOD Version of Ninja Survivors Online

Following are the features you will enjoy in this version:

  • Game Unlimited Coin
  • Attack Speed
  • Player Speed
  • Unlimited Kills Count

Unlimited Coins – You are getting unlimited coins that will let you upgrade equipment to max level with ease.

Attack Speed – It will increase your ninja’s attacking speed. 

Player Speed – It will increase your ninja’s movement speed. 

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How to upgrade a weapon to its master level?

To upgrade a weapon to its master level, you will need to choose all three skill perks related to the weapon.

What is the highest rarity of equipment?

The highest rarity of all equipment is mythic and shown on the red-colored background.

Final Words

Ninja Survivors Online is an amazing survival game you can play together with your friend. With varieties of weapons, skills & skill perks, you can create countless combinations to kill all the monsters in different styles. It also has four different ninjas to play with and many types of monsters with unique attack styles. It will give you a real challenge. You will not be bored while playing this game.

Download Ninja Survivors Online

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