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Lustrous Heart
Lustrous Heart MOD APK

Lustrous Heart Apk Download 3.0.20 (Latest)


Lustrous Heart Mod APK is based on the story of an anime. Here, you can make choices and go through the story according to your decisions.

App Info of Lustrous Heart

App Name

Lustrous Heart


( 53 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Lustrous Heart

Lustrous Heart MOD APK (Unlimited Money): Basically, This application is based on the Ottome Anime Game series, which is very popular all over the globe. It is a very special game for anime lovers, For those who are finding a game based on the Ottome Anime Game story, then Lustrous Hearts MOD APK is the best game for you all. This game has more than 3 thousand downloads on the play store. This game has recently been released on the official google play. So we have worked on it as soon as possible, and we have come up with the MOD version for this game.

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Overview Of Lustrous Heart MOD APK

Lustrous Heart MOD APK

Here we will discuss some ordinary features of the Lustrous Heart Otome Game MOD APK. As we suggested this game was created by the story of an anime. This game is a type of story mode game. This game has various different characters involved in its story, As shown in the anime. This story belongs to the last man standing in their entire clan… His respect for his clan, his powers, abilities, etc. Such amazing things are involved in this story, And this story is presenting you all as a structure of a game. So, some basic features will be noted down in the next point. We hope you all will like this game. Thank you.

Added All The Characters

Lustrous Heart MOD APK

Now, In this update of Lustrous Heart MOD, we have added all the characters of the story who were left behind. Some special characters have been updated also. And their powers and abilities are also updated. Now we are working on the next featured character of this game that is Clavice — The Egotistic Royal. He is the prince of his kingdom, but for some causes we can’t took him as a primary character, Now we are working on it. As soon it will be available in the game with the great powers.

Reduced Dicussions

If you played, then you will know about the long discussions and introductions were in this game, But now we have been removed some unnecessary discussions and introductions also, And reduced the long discussions too, Therefore you can really enjoy the story of the Lustrous Heart APK MOD. Also, we can’t cut off all the discussions, because this is a story mode game so… Some players were asking to cut these discussion parts. So here are the answers for them. Thank you.

Increased The Graphics Settings

Lustrous Heart MOD APK

Even this is a story game, this also needs to be seen as very perfect and smooth, So we have decided to increase this graphic setting. So that players will enjoy the true graphics of the game. Because of the increase in Graphics, Some rendering issues are created, don’t worry about them we will fix them as soon as possible. The render issues are not a big deal, they will come only while entering the game so this doesn’t need to worry. only enjoy your gameplay. Thank you.

New Premium Features Arrived

For those who are the premium members, there is good news for them. The New Premium features now arrived on the official servers, Now you can enjoy the best new features of Premium membership. Also, you will get awesome prizes for these features. I hope you all will enjoy these features too.

Download Latest Lustrous Heart MOD APK

We have promised you that we will give you the MOD version of this game. And we have provided you with all this MOD version too. In this Lustrous Heart MOD APK Latest Version, you will get the all amazing things that an ordinary will not get till he pays money for them. But you will get this version with these all amazing features for free of cost. So before we started, I will explain some more important MOD features of this application. Which are listed below, I hope you all will enjoy those!

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlocked Premium
  3. All Levels Max!

Unlimited Money: 

In this game, the ‘money’ is in form of ‘Rubies” Form them you can buy anything from the shop. Rubies will be unlimited in each account, so don’t fear about your money will get down by wasting them. A lot of people have shown love for this feature because of this unlimited money. This money will be provided as per account login, if accounts are deactivated for some days then this money will expire. beware of this thing. Thank you.

Unlocked Premium:

As we said on the top point about money, then also, we are giving you the unlocked premium version of this game. In this premium version, no one can remain as an ordinary player, You all will get the tools and features of the premium version for free of cost. You will be provided all the services, skins, inventory, and money in your account as a Premium Member user. You all will get fun with this premium version. We will provide it as per account. Thank you.

All Levels Max!:

All characters and Heros levels are maxed!! In this feature we are upgrading the levels to the max of all characters, Now you can easily win the matches and games… Because of some minor problems, we can’t make some characters levels max, because we are working on them. After we finish their work then we will notify you all on our website with their max level. Thank you.


Will I need a rooted device to play Lustrous Heart MOD APK?

Nope, You can easily play this game over any device. This requires less storage to run, So don’t worry about the root…

How can I buy the Premium Membership in Lustrous Heart MOD APK?

You don’t have to buy anything with your money, Because we are providing you all a premium membership free of cost. Thank you.

Can I download Lustrous Heart MOD APK in Galaxy S20?

Sure, You can download this game on any android. Only your Android version should be 5 or more than this. Thank you.

How to Install Lustrous Heart MOD APK?

  • Download Lustrous Heart MOD APK and open the APK file.
  • Give permission to install from unknown sources.
  • Install, play, and share with friends.


We discussed all the factors and features of Lustrous Heart MOD APK 2022. Now it’s time to conclude this game…This game is based on the story of an anime. So it is quite making us fall in thoughts. Because everyone doesn’t watch animes so how can they figure out about this game. But also, we have done for this thing. We specially organized an introduction movie clip at the beginning of every game. This trich will work for everyone. So they will get ideas about Lustrous Heart Otome Game MOD APK Latest Version. Besides, this is a unique game on this topic, nothing other can beat this game at this level, so we will personally recommend this game to everyone. Thank you.

Download Lustrous Heart

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