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Mighty Doom mod
Mighty Doom mod

Mighty Doom MOD Apk Download 1.7.0 (Menu, God Mode, Free Reward)


Mighty Doom MOD APK is a top-down perspective shooter game full of demons where you will control your demon slayer and complete stages.

App Info of Mighty Doom

App Name

Mighty Doom


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, God Mode, Free Reward

About Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom is a casual role-playing game offered by Bethesda Softwares LLC and Alpha Dogs. It’s a newly released game and a mini-version of DOOM games. If you a fan of DOOM series like DOOM Slayer, then you will like this game as well. It features roguelike elements, hundreds of challenging levels, bosses with unique attack styles & strategies, mind-blowing weapons, and daily new events to earn awesome rewards. 


Mighty Doom mod

It’s a top-down perspective shooter game full of demons where you will control your demon slayer and shoot your way through challenging countless stages using your maneuver & shooting skills. 

A chapter contains 40 levels. In each level, different types of demons will spawn and attack you. You need to control your slayer to evade their attacks. Your slayer will automatically shoot the enemies with the primary weapon. On killing all the enemies, you can proceed to the next level. 

At the start of each level, the secondary weapon will be ready to use. After that, you will have to wait for its cooldown to reuse it at the same level. Killing a certain number of demons recharges your special weapon. Special weapons deal massive damage and also it takes approx 15 levels to recharge them. So, save it for special situations. Or just shoot it. Your choice. 

Mighty Doom mod

Enemies will also drop EXP orbs and sometimes items on death that your slayer collects automatically at the end of the level. On collecting a certain amount of EXP, you will level up and then you can choose one upgrade out of three. The upgrades are random and can be of the weapons or slayer’s attributes. 

There are slim chances of stunning an enemy. You can kill that stunned enemy with a melee attack to recover a small amount of HP. At levels 5, 15, 25, and 35, there will be no enemies. You will meet a merchant who will offer you an upgrade or a small amount of HP recovery. And at every 10th level, you will face a demon boss. 

Easy to Control, Hard to Master

Mighty Doom mod

The controls are very easy in the game. Anyone on their first try can learn the controls. But the real challenge is to master them. To move your slayer, you just need to drag your finger on the screen. And the slayer will automatically shoot at the nearest enemy. Now you need to evade the enemy attacks, bullets & projectiles by moving your slayer. 

Equip Powerful Weapons & Gears

It has more than 30 unique weapons. You can equip up to four weapons – Primary, Secondary, Special, and Launcher to shoot & blow up the demons. There is a heavy cannon, combat shotgun, plasma rifle, super shotgun, burst rifle, gauss cannon, crucible, chainsaw, unmaykr, rocker launcher, ballista, chain gun, and much more. 

The weapons are also divided into multiple types such as ballistic, rending, plasma, explosive, etc. Each demon is weak against one of these types and using the same type of weapon against them will deal more damage. You can also upgrade your weapons to increase their damage output. 

There are also helmets, gauntlets, chest plates, and boots. You can equip them to increase your various attribute stats such as damage, attack speed, HP, dodge chance, critical chance, critical damage, etc. These gears range from common to epic rarity. The higher the rarity, the higher the attribute stats you gain. 

Countless Upgrades & Skills

Mighty Doom mod

Each weapon has multiple skills & upgrades in this game. The game gives you random upgrades. So, you will not get to create the same combination in every gameplay. This way you will experience new combinations of skills and will not experience the repeating gameplay. 

Epic Bosses with Unique Attack-Style

You will fight against lots of epic bosses from the DOOM universe. Baron of Hell, IMP, Hell Priest, Hell Guard, Pinky, Cherub, Mancubus, Whiplash, and many more. Each one of them has a unique attack style and will give you different challenges. You have to understand their attack pattern well to take them down. Once you defeat a boss, you will face more of his mini-version demons from the next levels. 

Daily New Events

Mighty Doom launches two new events daily with awesome rewards. Each event features different loot. But it will not be easy to win these events. There will be several types of modifiers that will make it harder for you to kill them. For instance, increased enemy HP, movement speed, damage, weapons deal less damage, slayer takes more damage, etc. So, you need to be extra careful in these events. 

MOD Features of Mighty Doom

The MOD version of Mighty Doom has the following features:

Damage Multiplier – Input any number to increase your final damage by X times. 

Defense Multiplier – Your defense will be increased by the number you enter in this multiplier. 

God Mode – Your slayer will be immortal.


How many chapters does Mighty Doom have?

It has nine chapters and each chapter has 40 stages. 

Can I continue a chapter from the last level I cleared?

No. You can only play a chapter from level one. If you leave the chapter or exit the game at any level, then you will have to start all over again. 

What is energy in this game?

Energy is an in-game resource that is used to start any chapter. If you don’t have any energy, then you can’t play the game. 

How many weapons can I equip?

You can equip up to four weapons – Primary, Secondary, Special, and Launcher.


Thanks for reading. Mighty Doom is a great game released for Android. Gamers who love DOOM games on their PC or Xbox will surely love this game. It features DOOM-universe bosses, demons, and weapons in mini-versions. And its roguelike gameplay allows players to create a unique combination of weapon skills & upgrade with each run. Daily new events featuring different rewards & modifiers give them challenges. If you think you have what it takes to be a mini-slayer and slay the demons, then play Mighty Doom now.

Download Mighty Doom

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