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Mobile Bus Simulator MOD Apk Download 1.0.5 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of Mobile Bus Simulator

App Name

Mobile Bus Simulator






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Mobile Bus Simulator

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure of roads while picking up passengers? If yes then the mobile bus simulator game is for you. This is again where you can get a virtual experience of a bus driver’s life. LOCOS Is the developer of this game. If you search it on the Google Play Store you will find that it has millions of downloads over there. This game comes with stunning graphics and a detailed interior that will make it more realistic for you.

Introduction of Mobile Bus Simulator

Realistic Bus Driving Experience

By getting this game you will feel the wind in your hair because you have full control of a bus like a real driver. This game offers a realistic driving experience that will make you believe that a driver’s life is not easy. Though this game comes with very easy controls controlling a bus with a very big parameter is not an easy task.

Diverse Bus Models

This game is not like others which offers you one or two types of models of vehicles. This game comes with diverse models of buses that you can unlock and use while doing the missions. Each bus has its own unique characteristics and abilities so unlock your favorite one that suits you are style. So check all routes carefully then use exactly the best model for the suitable conditions.

Varied Routes and Challenges

This game offers a multitude of routes and challenges to give you a better gaming experience every time. whether you are navigating through tide City Streets, tackling steep mountain roads, or managing traffic in busy urban areas. each and every route brings its own set of challenges that will make every Drive a unique and exciting experience.

Passenger Management

This game will add an extra layer of realism by adding features like passenger management. This is not like other games where you have to drive your vehicle only here you have to pick up passengers from one stop to their destinations. There you will get a timer so you have to keep an eye on the clock. This feature will test your time management skills and also add attachment strategies to this game.

Customization Options

You can personalize this game because it comes with customization options. You can make your bus stand out on the road by exploring all the customization options available in this game. By this, you can show off your style and make a mark as the coolest bus driver in the City. Complete missions and earn in-game currency and customization as you want.

Realistic Traffic System

To make it more realistic the developer of the world’s most realistic traffic system features this game. So you have to tackle all the traffic and also follow the traffic rules while you are driving through the city. This will add one more challenge to you and it will completely change your driving style. With this feature, you can change your driving style in real life because this is a very useful feature all though.

Download Mobile Bus Simulator

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