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Monster Legends
Monster Legends MOD APK

Monster Legends MOD Apk Download 15.2 (Menu/High Damage/God Mode)


Monster Legends MOD APK is a strategy simulation game where you can collect various types of monsters and build your unique monster islands.

App Info of Monster Legends

App Name

Monster Legends


( 8 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu/High Damage/God Mode

About Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a strategy and simulation game offered by Social Point. It has more than fifty million downloads on the Play Store. Collect monsters, feed them, make them strong, fight against other players, and build your awesome monster islands. It features 860+ kinds of monsters, tournaments, live duels, events, and much more.

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Overview of Monster Legends


Monster Legends MOD APK

In Monster Legends, you will collect hundreds of dragons, feed them, and battle against other players. You will start with 2 monsters. You can breed monsters of different species to get new monster species eggs. And you have to build the habitats according to the monsters’ elements. Build food farms to produce food. Feeding monsters increase their levels and evolve them into bigger & stronger monsters. You can make your team and battle in various modes to earn rewards. There are also many buildings for various purposes. Building & upgrading buildings give you XP to level up. Leveling up unlocks new buildings & monsters.

860+ Powerful Monsters

Monster Legends MOD APK

It includes 860+ powerful monsters and releases new monsters every week. Level up your monsters by feeding them and taking them into the battles. Monsters are of 6 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary & Mythic. The higher the rarity, the stronger the monsters will be. Each monster has one trait that grants them immunity to any one of the negative effects like stun, daze, poison, burn, blind, etc. You can unlock their skills at certain levels and add runes & relics to boost their combat capabilities. 


Monster Legends MOD APK

There are 10 elemental types of monsters. They can use physical attacks and elemental skills in battles. Elemental skill damage to the monster will depend on the monster’s element type. When a monster uses an elemental skill on the monster with the same element, it will deal half damage. When the monster uses an elemental skill on the different element monster, it will deal normal damage. The elemental skill damage will be doubled when the monster is weak against that element. Here is the cycle of the elements to show which element is strong against which element: Thunder→Water→Fire→Nature→Magic→Metal→Light→Dark→Earth→Thunder

Game Modes

It has many game modes you can play. These game modes are as follows:

Adventure Mode

Monster Legends MOD APK

In the adventure mode, there are many pre-designed stages and boss battles. In each stage, you will face a new monster team. Defeat the monsters and get 2 or 3 stars on the stage to spin the roulette wheel in which you can get an egg. After a certain number of stages, you will face a powerful boss monster. 

Multiplayer Tournament

Monster Legends MOD APK

In this mode, you will battle against the other player’s monster team. In it, you have to create 2 teams, one for attack and the second for defense. You can’t use a monster in both teams. When someone attacks you, they will battle against the defense team. When you go for a battle, you will fight with your attack team against the opponent’s defense team. The defense team attacks automatically. For each victory, you will get trophies. Earn trophies to move up your league. When the tournament ends, you will get rewards based on your league. 

Live Duels

In live duels, you will fight against the other players in real time. There will be no AI turns like multiplayer tournament modes. Also, you don’t need to create your attack team. When you start a duel, you have to choose a monster from 3 system-provided monsters three times to create your team. 

MOD Version of Monster Legends

The MOD version of Monster Legends has the following features.

Unlimited Gems & Food – You can buy all the monsters, their habitats, and all other items like food, gold, etc. And to upgrade the monsters to the max level, there is unlimited food.

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Download Monster Legends

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