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Monument Valley (6)
Monument Valley

Monument Valley MOD Apk Download 3.4.109 (Unlocked All Packs)


Monument Valley MOD APK is a 3D puzzle game featuring Ida who embarks on journey in mysterious monuments of optical illusions & puzzles.

App Info of Monument Valley

App Name

Monument Valley


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlocked All Packs

About Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game with minimalistic abstract graphics offered by ustwo games. It features optical illusion-type puzzles where you need to think of every logical way to manipulate the monuments & trigger various mechanisms to solve the puzzles and find the way to the exit. 

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It uses monuments as its puzzle base and constructs them in a 3D way that plays with your optical senses. A first-floor path can become a path for a second or third-floor when manipulating the monument and it’s just a common mechanism. There are more difficult puzzle elements. Also, it’s #2 in top-paid puzzle games on the Play Store. If you have the skills to solve these 3D optical puzzles with your logical thinking, come and complete it. 

Easy Controls, Just Tap to Move

Monument Valley (1)

It comes with a very simple way to control Ida as compared to its puzzles. All you have to do is tap at a place and Ida will walk there if the path is clear. If there are obstacles between Ida and the place you tapped, she will not move. So, you need to clear or make the path first. Another control is interactive with various mechanics like movable platforms, rotary wheels, and switches. You can rotate the wheels around to rotate the respective platforms. And for movable platforms, just drag them along the x or y-axis. Easy, right? 

19 Chapters with Unique Monument Puzzles & Logic

Monument Valley features a total of 19 different chapters, each with a unique monument. With every chapter passed, it introduces new optical puzzles, mechanisms & obstacles. The length of chapters also increases with each chapter. Also, the higher you go, the more puzzle monuments you have to go through, and have to trigger various mechanisms to open the path in the main monuments.

Story Mode – A Quest for Forgiveness 

Monument Valley (2)

The Story Mode contains 10 chapters in which Ida embarks on a quest for forgiveness for the sins of stealings Sacred Geometry. She is a princess and always remains quiet. So, others call her the Silent Princess. Along with her, many others also suffer their sins of stealing the Sacred Geometry as the Crow People. Some of them are trapped in an endless monument loop. 

In each chapter, she returns a part of the Sacred Geometry. And in the end, she receives forgiveness along with all other sinners and is finally free. The ten chapters of Monument Valley are as follows:

Monument Valley

It’s a tutorial chapter where you will how to move. It introduces only a single rotary part that works as a 3D optical puzzle. It acts as a wall between the first & second floors but when rotated, it becomes a path connecting these floors as it’s only a single floor. 

The Garden – Ida Embarks on a Quest for Forgiveness

It’s the true start of your journey. In this chapter, lots of rotary wheels are added to rotate various paths. Also, when you stand on a platform connected to a rotary wheel, then the wheel will be deactivated and you can’t use it unless you move from that platform. 

Hidden Temple – Ida Has an Unexpected Meeting

Monument Valley (4)

Ida meets the original creator of Sacred Geometry in this chapter who tells her to return and atone for her sins. But she continues her journey for forgiveness. The chapter also introduces moving platforms. Unlike rotary parts, you can move these parts along the X or Y-axis even when Ida is standing on them. These parts have three circles on them to show that these parts are movable. 

Water Palace – Ida Discovers New Ways to Walk

It adds both rotary wheels and moving platforms along with triggers to reveal or manipulate various parts of the monument. Some manipulations allow you to change your direction & axis from horizontal to vertical and floor to wall. 

The Spire – Ida Encounters The Bothersome Crow People

Monument Valley (3)

Crow people are people like you, but they follow only a straight path. They are punished by the One who created the Sacred Geometry. They act as obstacles by blocking your path. When you come across them, they will stop there and caw at you. However, if you are behind them, they won’t notice you and keep walking straight. 

The Labyrinth – Ida Meets The Totem, A Friend

In this chapter, you will meet a totem that will help in reaching the exit. You can move it along the path just like Ida. You can stand on it and use it to climb where you can’t reach alone. There will be switches as well which you can’t trigger alone and requires both of you to trigger simultaneously. 

The Rookery – A Throne Lies Vacant

Monument Valley (5)

Mechanisms can also be triggered by the Crow People. You can use interactive platforms to direct them toward the triggers to open paths or block their way to prevent them from blocking your way. You also meet the Creator who punished the thieves to the endless loop and also warns you to go back. 

The Box – There Lie Strange Delights

The monument is box-shaped. Opening its top in two different directions and its front two sides reveals four different puzzle levels. In each of them, you need to trigger the switch. Triggering all four switches opens the box completely revealing a whole new level. Once you solve it, the final part appears where you return the part of the Sacred Geometry.

The Descent – There is Nobody Left to Forgive Us

As Ida continues her journey, she reaches a monument submerged in the sea. As she walks down the path, the monument reveals itself. The totem also appears again on this monument to help you. As she reaches the end, she sees an endless field of graves. And her quest for forgiveness seems impossible as there is no one who can forgive them.

Observatory – At Journey’s End What Was Not Meant for Us is All Returned

Ida doesn’t stop even after she knows there is nobody to forgive them, and continues to return the last part of the Sacred Geometry. As she returns the last part, something unexpected happens. Which seemed to be impossible to achieve returns again. The moment the Sacred Geometry is returned, the forgiveness they asked for is given to them. 

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