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Mystic Gunner (7)
Mystic Gunner

Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action MOD Apk Download 1.1.2 (Unlimited Money)


Mystic Gunner MOD APK is an role-playing roguelike game featuring alien invasion, random-generated levels, and countless ways to kill them.

App Info of Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action

App Name

Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action

Mystic Gunner MOD APK is your one-stop game for all your game tastes. Be it action, adventure, RPG, shooter, roguelike, or dungeon crawler, this game has it all. Join in the adventure of a mystic gunner in his quest to save to world from the alien, the ARK. Use countless unique combinations of weapons, gears, and skills to shoot down & blow up enemies. 

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Save the World from Arks

Mystic Gunner (1)

Offered by Buff Studio (Story Games, Clam Games), Mystic Gunner is a roguelike RPG game. The aliens, called Ark, have invaded the Earth. They are wreaking havoc. The world is contaminated with viruses. In any direction you look, you will only see destruction and ashes. Modern weapons are like toys against them. Nothing is working. At this point, all human forces have joined hands to form a common faction to stop these invaders. 

After a half-century, they succeed in developing weapons and training soldiers to kill the aliens. But it will not be easy. Many unexpected turns of events will challenge your determination, courage, and skills on your mystic gunner path. If you are ready to face those challenges with bravery, pick up your weapon, choose your skills, and eliminate every single one of the Ark aliens. 

Countless Combinations of Attacks & Skills

Your character has 100+ skills varying from common, advanced, and rare to epic, legend, and unique rarity. You can create your unique deck of skills by selecting up to 20 common & advanced, 5 rare, 3 rare, and one legend & unique skills. Whenever you rank up, three of the selected skills will appear randomly, and you can choose any of them. Thus, you can create unique combinations of skills at every level. 

Mystic Gunner (2)

The skills can add elemental statuses such as flame, ice, poison, and electric status to your shots. Ice shots slow down the enemies, electric shots decrease their defense, flame shots damage them over time, and poison shots damage stacks with each shot. Other skills can also increase the bullets’ penetration power, knockback effect, and add ricochet & reflect effects. 

Not to mention the Vampire skill that absorbs enemies’ HP to recover yours, the instadeath skill that gives you chances to kill any enemy instantly, and the shrapnel skill to deal damage to more enemies. All skills are yours to command. 

Enter the Perry Mode & Shoot Down the Enemies

Mystic Gunner (3)

Mystic Gunner MOD APK also has a special Perry zone in which your character’s shooting speed increases exponentially and he deals more damage to enemies. The time also slows down during the zone, slowing down all the enemies and their projectiles’ speed. You can easily evade their attacks. But to enter this zone, you need to touch the pink bullets while rolling.

Single-Touch Gameplay, Everything Under Your Thumb

Mystic Gunner (4)

Want to play the game with one hand or two hands? You get every option to do that. The control to move the character is so simple and only needs one finger or thumb. Just tap & hold, and drag your thumb in the direction you want to go. You can either use buttons for rolling, throwing grenades & using the ultimate skill for two-hand controls or use swipe, double & triple tap respectively for one-hand controls. You can also set them to any mode separately. 

Know All About the Map & Areas

Mystic Gunner (6)

All the levels in Mystic Runner MOD APK are random-generated maps and enemies. So, when you replay a level, it won’t be the same as before. The areas will be changed and also the arks. The maps shown at the top right corner give you information about your current location and the type of nearby areas. You can decide your route based on the map & the area types to have an advantage over enemies and avoid difficult areas at the early player level. 

The area types are as follows:

Pink Area – It’s the starting area where you spawn to start the level.

Brown Area – These areas have random types of enemies.

Orange Area – You will fight against three or more enemy waves, each wave spawning after 15 seconds. 

Green Area – It’s the supply area where you can purchase a random item, restore HP, or get a random skill.

Red Area– A boss will appear in this area. Be careful at higher stages & levels. Small enemies also spawn along with the boss, and even multiple bosses can appear.

Red Area with a Huge Icon – In this area, the final boss spawns. Defeating it will clear the level. 

Areas with a small Icon – You will find captured hostages in these areas. Defeat all the enemies and free the hostage. 

MOD Version of Mystic Gunner

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited Money – Money doesn’t Decrease when spent

Download Mystic Gunner: Shooting Action

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