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Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight 4: Arena MOD Apk Download v1.8.1 (Disable Ai Opponent, One Hit Kill)


Play Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK to compete against real shadow players and beat them to become the best shadow fighter.

App Info of Shadow Fight 4: Arena

App Name

Shadow Fight 4: Arena


( 30 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Disable Ai Opponent, One Hit Kill

About Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Shadow Fight 4: Arena is an action game offered by “NEKKI”. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Make your team, upgrade your heroes, unlock amazing shadow abilities, fight against players around the world, reach higher and higher in the arena to become the best shadow fighter.

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Story of Shadow Fight 4 Arena

The shadow gate which is stopping the shadow from entering the human realm has been destroyed into pieces. The shadow enters the human world. Humans try to attack it, use it and experiment on it. But the shadow evolves, gains strength, and becomes stronger. Now no one is strong enough to defeat the shadow. The shadow gives a chance to humanity, a tournament, duels between fighters in the arena.


Shadow Fight 4 Arena is a multiplayer fighting game. You will make your team of 3 heroes. You will be matched against a player of the same league. Both of you can choose any hero from their team to start the match. Use weapons, combos, abilities, shadow abilities to defeat the opponent’s hero. When you defeat a hero, the opponent will continue with another hero from his team. You can’t change the hero until your hero is defeated. However, you will gain some HP at the start of the next round. Defeat all the 3 heroes of the opponent to win the battle. You will get rating points on winning the battles. Earn rating points to reach the higher arena.


The controls are simple and easy to learn. But mastering them is another matter. For that, you need precious timing to attack and block. It has a virtual D-pad on the left side of the screen. Drag the D-pad left & right to move your character and upwards to jump. It has 4 buttons on the right side of the screen. Use the hand button to attack with punches or any weapon you are holding. Use the kick button to attack with your legs. The third button is to use ranged attacks. Ranged attacks are unique for each hero. The fourth button is to use your shadow abilities.


There are many heroes in the Shadow Fight 4 Arena. Each hero uses a unique weapon and has a unique set of combos, abilities, talents, and shadow abilities. You can upgrade them to increase their attributes, unlock new abilities and strengthen their talents. Each hero has multiple talents. You can choose any talent and change it anytime. You can practice with heroes in the practice mode with AI opponents or practice with your friends in “Vs Friend “matches.

MOD Version of Shadow Fight 4 Arena

The MOD version of Shadow Fight Arena contains the following features:

  • Disable Ai Opponent
  • One Hit Kill
  • Shadow GOD
  • Note: [1]. If possible, don’t use hacks againts Real Player, It can cause Device & ID BAN !!.
  • [2]. If script shows ‘Game Details didn’t match’ just update your game to latest version.

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Download Shadow Fight 4: Arena

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