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Sky: Children of the Light
Sky Children Of The Light

Sky: Children of the Light MOD Apk Download 0.24.5 (246913) (Unlimited Energy/All Unlocked)


Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK is a beautiful game from the creators of Journey and Flower. Both these games are available steam.

App Info of Sky: Children of the Light

App Name

Sky: Children of the Light


( 80 )


0.24.5 (246913)


Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Energy/All Unlocked

About Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light Mod APK is a peaceful role-playing and beautiful-adventurous game for mobile devices. It’s offered by thatgamecompany inc and has millions of downloads on iOS and Android systems. It’s another beautiful game from the creators of Journey and Flower. Both these games are available on Steam with decent ratings.

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Description of Sky: Children of the Light

Sky- Children of the Light Mod APK

On the way, you will find so many spirits that need your light in order to glow. Light them with your magical powers! Return their spirits to the stars and free them, as darkness has ended everything in their world. If you think you are lost in the game, you can tap on yourself. A light will appear that will show the path. In the path, you will many locked areas, their spirit is dead, in order to open the areas, you will need to find secret Lights Spirits, Follow them to know their story, help & light them up! Once you free them, those spirits help you unlock the path. They also provide you with new abilities and skills.

Sky- Children of the Light Mod APK

Saving them unlocks new gates that unlock new areas. Speaking of autosave, this game is saved automatically When you open the game, a special place where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Sea, and you can see all the spirits, check the Shop Menu, buy candles, or the Adventure Pass, it is so much you can do! You can leave home and resume your journey of completing various areas in the game. There are seven gorgeous locations & realms including Isle of Dawn, Daylight Prairie, Hidden Forest, Valley of Triumph, Golden Wasteland, Vault of Knowledge, and Eye of Eden.


Sky- Children of the Light Mod APK

This game is famous for its story and outstanding sound effects. From walking steps to flying, the weather, the rain, the water, everything sounds perfect in this beautiful game. So, it’s better you use good-quality headphones when playing this game. Also, the system requirements are a little bit high, so, maybe if you are using an older smartphone, you may face bad-quality audio, it’s not the game issue.


Sky- Children of the Light Mod APK

The graphics & visuals are just something out of this world and so unique as compared to so many hundreds of mobile games. but remember to play this game with better graphics, or to enjoy the game in the highest quality, you must need a super-fast smartphone, I am playing Sky: Children of the Light in Apple iPhone SE 2020, so, the A13 Bionic Chip really did the best and I am easily able to play this game in the Ultra Graphics at a decent 60 FPS.


Sky- Children of the Light Mod APK

To look around, you can drag the right side of the screen. To move, you can drag the left side of the screen. In order to jump long distances, you will see a button glowing on the right side of your screen, tap on it to jump. Another amazing thing is the Winged Light, it let you fly higher. You can tap on the top center button to level up your wing. Flying requires energy, to fly, you can press and hold the bottom right button. It consumes energy and helps your player to rise. Once your energy is over, you can look for Light Creatures, they will restore your rise energy. When receiving a new ability or skill, you will see a red dot appearing on the top center of your screen. Tap the red dot to claim new abilities.


Sky- Children of the Light Mod APK

There are various expressions that your player can use to communicate with other players in Sky: Children of the Light. Every spirit you will save will teach you a new expression! Unlocks lots of expressions such as Hug, and so many more in your way. Candles, Hearts, Ascended Candle, Season Candle, and Season Heart are the currencies in this game. Collecting lights in the game gives you candles. When you show appreciation to a friend, you will get hearts. The most precious currency is Ascended Candle. When you unlock season items, you will get Season Candle, and when you will unlock seasonal ultimate items, you will get Season heart. Players can also buy the starter pack to get started with some candles but it requires the real-money.

MOD Version of Sky: Children of the Light


Credit: Blackmod Team

Download Sky: Children of the Light

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