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Smurfs Village
Smurfs Village Mod

Smurfs Village MOD Apk Download 2.55.0 (Unlimited Coins)


Smurfs Village MOD APK is a management simulation game where you will build your village and grow crops with Smurf family.

App Info of Smurfs Village

App Name

Smurfs Village


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Coins

About Smurfs Village

Smurfs Village MOD APK: Have you ever played any simulation games? Simulation is a category of games, generally designed to closely simulate real-world activities. In this post, we are going to share one of the most popular simulation games Smurfs’ Village with detailed information. So read this article without skipping any part.

Overview of Smurfs Village

Smurfs’ Village MOD APK

Smurfs Village is an online simulation game that allows you to build your own village accompanied by the blue creature known as a smurf. The game is filled with many interesting and mysterious treasures that will excite you more than anything else. Download the Latest Version of Smurfs’ Village on your Android and enjoy this realistic game.

Do you know about Smurfs?

Smurfs’ Village MOD APK

Smurfs are the creatures from the extremely popular comic series dating back to 1958 in Belgium. Smurfs are the tiny, blue, adorable race with a series of colorful mushroom houses. Each individual smurf has its own unique personality, appearance, ability, and attitude. They will give you a very enjoyable experience with their funny and innocent personality.

The village of Smurfs is filled with many interesting and unique legendary treasures. Smurfs themselves are an important ingredient of the precious magic potion method. This is the main reason that causes the hunting of the smurfs’ village or any smurf to become a target of a famous evil wizard Gargamel.  Each smurf character has its own name. Characters such as Poet, Actor, Handy, Harmony, Farmer, Clockwork, and Painter became most popular in the entire globe.

Features of Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs’ Village MOD APK

Build Your Ideal Village: Smurfs’ Village is a game in which you can build your imaginary ideal village from the scratch. Assign your Smurfs on various tasks and build the village as you want. Help your smurfs to fight the evil wizards. Design, decorate, and build the village to give homes to the poor ones. Enjoy the realistic experience of building a village. Be an architect, civil engineer on your own.

Play With Your Favorite Smurf: Many of us are fans of smurf comic and cartoon series. We already have our own favorite smurf that we adore the most. There are many smurf characters such as Papa smurf, Baby smurf, Lazy smurf, smurfette, Handy smurf, Jockey smurf and many more popular characters. This game allows you to choose your favorite smurf. 

Enjoy mini-games: While building a village you can play many interesting mini-games. As you know every smurf is assigned to their own work. You can help them with their work. You can start by helping Greedy Smurf to bake in the kitchen, aid Papa Smurf as he produces potions, create beautiful drawings with Painter Smurf, assist Lazy Smurf in his fishing game, and so on. Also, you can enjoy various mini-games. Each game has its own different uniqueness.

Stunning Graphics and Advanced Sound: Enjoy the game with stunning graphics with hundreds of colorful mushroom-like houses. Experience a realistic environment with interesting visual effects. Not to mention the advanced sound effect with accurate and suitable soundtracks that will attract you to play this game even more.

Download Smurfs Village

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