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spaceflight simulator
Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator MOD Apk Download 1.59.15 (Unlocked Full Version)


Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK lets you create your own rocket, set your target on Mars, Jupiter, or others, and launch your rocket in space.

App Info of Spaceflight Simulator

App Name

Spaceflight Simulator


( 265 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlocked Full Version

About Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator is a simulation game offered by Stefo Mai Morojna. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Create your own rocket, set your target on Mars, Jupiter, or other planets, and launch your rocket in space with accurate rocket physics and see if you fail or pass. 

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Overview of Spaceflight Simulator

spaceflight simulator mod apk unlimited fuel

In the Spaceflight Simulator game, you will create your own rocket and try to land on moons or planets of your choice. There are Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Phobos, Deimos, and many others. To land on these planets or moons, you have to keep everything in mind like rocket mass, thrust, gravity, atmospheric drag, heat, terrain type, distance, fuel, orbit radius, etc. while creating your rocket. 

There are 5 expansion packs in the official game that contains so much content but are locked. You can use them only after buying them. These expansion packs are rocket parts, skins, cheats, planets, and an infinite build area. Each pack has an independent price and will not change upon buying one expansion pack. 

You will see all the parts like the capsule, heat shield, separator, fuel tank, hawk engine, valiant engine, RCS thruster, etc. on the left side of the screen. Just drag & drop the part you want to use on the build area. This game has realistic orbital mechanics and physics. So you have to create the rocket with the right parts. 

For instance, using the hawk engine has a high thrust but low efficiency. So, it will be good in the first stage while launching from the earth. While the valiant engine has low thrust but high efficiency. So it will be good in the space. Likewise, all other parts play an important role and you have to use them efficiently. 

Land on Planets & Moons

spaceflight simulator mod apk unlocked

There are many planets & moons that you can visit using your rocket. Each planet has different gravity, atmosphere, and terrain. So, landing on one planet will be the same as on another planet. There is Mars with a thin atmosphere, Venus with an extremely hot atmosphere, Phobos with low gravity & rough terrain, Deimos with very low gravity & smooth terrain, and Jupiter & its four moons. Land your rocket on any of them. Your wish.

Cheats Expansion

spaceflight simulator mod apk full version

To make it somewhat easier for you, it comes with 6 cheats which require the Cheats Expansion. They are Infinite fuel, No atmospheric drag, no gravity, no collision damage, no heat damage, & no burn marks. These cheats prove very helpful in the journey to other planets. With the Infinite fuel cheat, as the name suggests, your fuel will never run out. If your rocket collides with something, it will explode. To avoid that, you can enable the cheat “no collision damage”. Just like that, no atmospheric drag cheat will prevent the flipping of the rocket. 

MOD Version of Spaceflight Simulator

The MOD version of the Spaceflight Simulator has the following features.

All expansion packs are unlocked – All in-game packs are unlocked for free.


Spaceflight Simulator is a unique simulation game with realistically scaled planets, orbital mechanics, & rocket physics. It will challenge you & your creative skills. With all the expansions unlocked, you can use all the parts to create the rocket and go on any planet. No need to pay anymore.

Download Spaceflight Simulator

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