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Split APKs Installer

Split APKs Installer MOD Apk Download 4.5 b60 (Donate Unlocked)


Split APKs Installer MOD APK allows you to install split APKs files and backup any installed apps on your device without any issues.

App Info of Split APKs Installer

App Name

Split APKs Installer


( 4 )


4.5 b60



Requires Android



Donate Unlocked

About Split APKs Installer

Hello, guys. We have Split APKs Installer for you today. As most users don’t know much about the split APKs and how to install them, we have brought this app for them. With SAI, they can easily install split APKs just like any regular APK without facing any issues. They can also create APK or APKs of the installed application on the device. So, let’s get started. 

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Overview of Split APKs Installer (SAI)

Split APKs Installer (1)
Split APKs Installer (1)

Split APKs Installer is an Android tool offered by polychromaticfox. It has more than five million downloads with a 4.5 rating out of 5 on the Play Store. It supports split APKs installation, installation from ZIPs, and APKs backup. Also, it has 12 amazing themes, a user-friendly interface, and multiple filter options. 

Why We Need Split APKs Installer (APK)?

Android devices offer many mind-blowing features and with each update, it gives more. Still, the Android stock installer doesn’t support split APKs and can’t install them. It’s not a problem while installing an application from the Play Store as it supports split APKs installation. But it can’t install an APK from external sources like device storage. That’s where we need SAI. 

Install Any Split APKs

Split APKs Installer (2)
Split APKs Installer (2)

SAI supports the split APKs installation. You can install any split APKs and regular APK as well using this app. On the home screen, it shows the Install APKs button at the bottom. Tapping it will show you two options to select the files. You can choose the internal file picker or system file picker. Tap on your preferred one. Then go to the destination where the split APKs are, and select the .apks file. After that, it will analyze & parse (if needed) the file. Once the analysis is done, it will show you a list of all the included APK parts. Then just tap on the install button. It will start installing the APKs on your device. 

Supports Installation Directly From ZIP Files

In many cases, the split APKs are zipped into a zip file instead of a .apks file. Then you might have thought of installing any app to unzip them. But that’s not necessary. SAI can install the split APKs from a ZIP file too without extracting it. Just select the ZIP file and tap on the install button. You can also rename the zip file to .apks. So, when you open that file from other apps, it will automatically be opened with SAI. 

Backup Apps to APKs

Split APKs Installer (3)
Split APKs Installer (3)

SAI comes with a backup feature that allows you to create .apks or .apk files of the installed apps on the device. Whether it’s system apps or third-party apps, all of them can be backed up. If the app contains split parts, you can choose which split APK parts to back up. 

In the backup settings, you can select the directory where the backup files will be stored. For the backup file name, it gives options – the app name, version, version code, package name, and timestamp. You can select any of these options. 

12 Light & Dark Themes

Split APKs Installer (4)
Split APKs Installer (4)

It includes 12 fantastic themes like light, dark, ruby, Rena light, mint, f-droid dark, AMOLED, etc. You can apply any theme you like. It also has an auto-theme feature that automatically switches between light and dark themes. 

MOD Version of Split APKs Installer

This version has the following features.

Donate Unlocked – SAI has a gold theme that unlocks after donating. In it, that gold theme is unlocked for free. 

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Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use. Its source code is available on GitHub. You can check it too to remove any kind of doubts.

Can I install .apks files using SAI?

Yes. You can install .apks files without any issue using SAI.

Does it have a backup feature?

Yes. It comes with a backup feature that allows you to take a backup of any installed application. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Split APKs Installer (SAI) is the best installer to install APKs and APK files. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and navigate between various tabs. You can also create backup APKs of any installed application. If you have any doubts or trust issues, you can check its whole source code on GitHub. 

Download Split APKs Installer

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