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Stick War: Legacy
Stick War Legacy Mod_result

Stick War: Legacy MOD Apk Download 2023.5.213 (Unlimited Money/Menu)


Play Stick War: Legacy and train castle troops to attack the enemies and break their statues to capture their territories. 

App Info of Stick War: Legacy

App Name

Stick War: Legacy


( 25 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money/Menu

About Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a strategy game offered by Max Games Studios. It has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Mine the gold, deploy units, defend your statue, call for castle troops, attack the enemies, break their stature, and capture the territories. 

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Overview of Stick War: Legacy

The story in the Stick War Legacy is about a world named Inamorta where many nations have developed their unique weapons. They are so proud of the weapon-crafting technology that they started worshipping their weapons and trying to force them onto other nations too. Always waging wars. Your nation is the only nation that believes in peace & knowledge and not worshipping weapons. But your nation is in the middle of the world. Other nations always try to infiltrate your nation. Your only choice is to attack them first and obtain their weapons.


In this Stick War Legacy game, you have to decide which unit to deploy in the war to defeat the enemies. On the battlefield, your statue will be on the left side, and the enemy’s statue on the right side. Both sides have 4 gold mines on their sides. Use miners to dig gold and then use that gold to deploy attack units on the battlefield. The maximum unit capacity is 50. So decide your unit type carefully.

There are three actions you can perform in the Stick War Legacy: Defend, Attack, and Castle Archidons. When you tap the attack button, all your attack units advance to the enemy and start attacking them & their statue. When on defense, your units will defend your statue. And when you use castle archidons, all your miners & attack units retreat out of the battlefield, and castle archidons come to attack the enemies. Enemies can’t attack the castle archidons. Choose your units and strategy to break the enemies’ statutes to win the battles. 

Characters & Upgrades

There are 6 types of units in the Stick War, each having its unique way of fighting with the enemies. You can upgrade them to increase their various attributes. Read the following subsections for their details. 


Miners are the basic units that dig the gold mines and collect the gold. You can upgrade them to increase the mining rate and the miner’s bag size. A miner takes 1 space in your army.


Swordwrath uses the sword and attacks the enemies at close ranges. They have high damage but low HP. You can upgrade them to increase the damage, HP, and movement speed. A swordwrath takes 1 unit of space in your army.


Archion units use bows & arrows and shoot enemies from very long ranges. Upgrading them increases their damage per shot. 


Speartons units use spears and shields. They use their shield to block the enemies’ attacks. They have high HP and medium damage. Upgrade them to increase their HP, damage, and block chance. A spearton takes 2 unit space in your army. 


Magikill units use magic. They summon the minions and stun the enemies with their attacks. Upgrading them increases their maximum number of summons, stun damage, and movement speed. A magikill takes 5 units of space in the army. 


As the name suggests, These units are giants with high HP and high attack damage. Their every attack knocks back the enemies. A giant takes 4 units of space in the army.

MOD Version of Stick War Legacy

The MOD version of Stick War Legacy has the following features.

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free Shop
  • High Damage Level
  • Mining Increase Gold

Download Stick War: Legacy

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