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Super Sus (6)
Super Sus

Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor MOD Apk Download (Menu, Vote Out, Drone View)


Super Sus MOD APK is a Among Us-like game with new mechanisms like roles, factions, and multiple game modes to add more fun for the players.

App Info of Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor

App Name

Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor


( 7 )




Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Vote Out, Drone View

About Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor

Super Sus – Who is The Imposter is an asymmetrical battle arena game where strategy, surrounding awareness, and communication skills are necessary to win the matches. It combines the mechanisms of three popular game titles – Among Us, Squid Games, and Werewolf. Play as a space crew to solve tasks & find the imposters, as an imposter to kill everyone, or as a neutral. Offered by PIProductions,  it features three factions, 40+ game modes, 10+ game modes, and lots of skins & accessories to customize the characters. 

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Start a Match with Random Factions & Roles

Super Sus (1)

When you start the match, factions & roles are assigned randomly to all 10 players and it shows the list of all the factions & roles included in the match to all the players, but without the players’ names & colors. Each player is assigned some tasks depending on their faction that they need to complete to win the match. They need to work well with their respective faction players and show their communication skills in the meetings to avoid misunderstanding. 

Three Factions with Unique Tasks

Super Sus (2)

There are three types of factions – Space crew, Imposter, and Neutral. Space crews’ job is to complete the assigned tasks. Completing some specific tasks will also help them distinguish the players. Or they can find out who the imposter is, and vote them out to eject from the spaceship. Once they eject all the imposters, they will win. 

Imposters need to kill all the space crews. They can close the doors to prevent others from watching you and sabotage the light to reduce others’ vision. Also, they can use vents to get away after killing someone and create an alibi. They will win by killing everyone. Reactor & oxygen spaceship can be sabotaged too. If space crews are unable to fix them in the given time, then the spacecraft will be destroyed and the imposter will win. 

Neutral is a faction of special characters. They play as neither space crews nor imposters. They won’t get any tasks and each character has unique winning conditions. 

40+ Roles with Unique Skills

Super Sus (3)

What makes this game different and enjoyable than Among Us are the roles. 40+ roles give you unique skills so you can use them to achieve your objective in unique ways. Whether you are an imposter, space crew, or neutral, multiple roles are available for you to try in each faction. 

For instance, Conjurer’s role in the Imposter faction. You can apply a curse on others which will kill them after 8 seconds. During that time, you can go somewhere else to create an alibi. Another role is Spy. You can take a sample of any other player. Then you can transform into that player anytime you want and freely kill anyone, even in front of others to grow their suspicion towards that player. More than 15 roles with unique skills are available in the Imposter faction like Janitor, Vigiler, BlackJack, Puppeteer, Ninja, Dementor, Sniper, etc. 

Now, the space crew faction also has Engineer, Sheriff, Detective, Doctor, Seer, Swapper, Hacker, Plumber, Agent, Veteran, Samurai, and many other roles. Sheriff, as the name suggests, you can gather info to spot imposter, and then kill them without calling any meeting. If you are successful in eliminating the imposter, then you will win, otherwise, you will be eliminated. So, be careful and investigate thoroughly. 

Super Sus (4)

Seer is from the investigation unit in the Space Crew faction. He can identify any three players’ roles while staying next to them for 8 seconds. It can be a very decisive skill in the victory. 

As for Neutral Faction, there are currently 9 roles – Joker, Arsonist, Hypnotist, Phantom, Survivor, Ghoul, Gluttony, Backstabber, and Kaitou. Kaitou is a newly released role that can switch roles with any player on the ship along with their skills and win conditions. But if you switch with an imposter, you will die. Another role is Gluttony. You can swallow other players. They will be eliminated during the next meeting call. But if you die before that, they will be freed. 

Play With Friends in Duo & Squad

Super Sus (5)

Super Sus MOD APK is more fun when playing with friends in a duo or squad, and it comes with some more rules to make it more fun. Teammates will have shared tasks and they can communicate even if they die. So, how will the imposter win? The imposter can activate the shattered cognition by sabotaging light or double kill to kill undetected. Also, when he kills someone from a team, his color will be hidden from the kill animation, and the dead can only spectate his teammate. So, if you are ready to play in teams, invite your friends and play against other players from around the world. 

MOD Features of Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor

  • MOD Menu
  • Vote Out
  • Pass Through Walls
  • Can Fly
  • Drone View Maps (0-400)
  • High Speed (0-100)
  • Show Light Player
  • Show Invisible Player, Outline Player,
  • Can See Ghost Mode Player, Player Die,
  • Show Color

Download Super Sus - Who Is The Impostor

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