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Tap Ninja

Tap Ninja MOD Apk Download 5.1.3 (Menu, Game Speed)


Tap Ninja MOD APK is a 2D side-scrolling, idle-action game where you will play as a ninja and take down various types of enemies.

App Info of Tap Ninja

App Name

Tap Ninja






Requires Android

5.0 and up


Menu, Game Speed

About Tap Ninja

Welcome to the Tap Ninja where you will play as a ninja to beat down samurais., hellhounds, spearmen, shield bearers, etc. to earn coins and gold. Start building from farms, sawmills, and mines to shrines, treasuries, and castles. Upgrade hundreds of skills & talents to become the strongest ninja ever. 

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Overview of Tap Ninja – Idle Game

Tap Ninja is an idle RPG game offered by Broken Glass. It features idle gameplay, 12 unique pets who will help you in your journey, 125+ challenges & 600+ achievements to complete, a huge skill tree to upgrade, and an endless journey of taking down the samurais, hellhounds & spearmen. 


It’s a 2D side-scrolling game. Your ninja will keep running automatically and encounter Samurai, Spearman, hellhound, and other types of enemies from time to time. When getting near the enemies, Just tap on the screen to kill them with the slash of your katana. You will get coins for killing enemies. Then use those coins to build your village and unlock & upgrade new skills. You will get gold continuously from the buildings you build in your village. You can also upgrade those buildings to increase the number of gold you earn from them.

12 Pets with Special Abilities

It has 12 different pets, each with a unique set of four skills. You can select them to accompany you on your journey. Pets are divided into three classes – Beasts, Critters, and Birds. Critter-class pets increase the gold earned per second. Beast-class pets increase the base value of the coins. And bird-class pets increase the coins dropped by fireflies. These bonuses depend on the bond level and star level of the pets. You can increase the bond level by equipping a pet for a certain amount of time and the star level by summoning duplicate pets. When you equip a pet, then you can’t change the pet until the next day. Also, you can summon a pet for free every day. 

Build Your Village & Earn Gold

There are many types of buildings you can build in your village to earn gold per second. It has farms, sawmills, mines, taverns, blacksmiths, barracks, dozo, markets, and so many other buildings. Buildings are the perfect source of idle income. You can upgrade them to increase the number of coins you earn per second. 

Unlock Skills & Upgrades

It has 90+ skills divided into 7 tiers. You can unlock and upgrade them to improve many characters’ stats. There is a speed step skill that increases the ninja’s running speed and the value of big coins by multiple times upon defeating the enemies. But if you miss even a single enemy, the speed step skill will be reset to one. 

Some of the other skills are Bushido Code, Ready for War, Haruta Armor, and Sode Shoulderpads which increase the number of enemies. Once you upgrade a certain number of skills, the next tier unlocks and you can unlock new skills. 

Ascend Your Ninja to Become Stronger

It has a huge talent tree containing hundreds of talents that can upgrade your attributes permanently. But it will require elixirs to upgrade them. You can ascend your ninja to earn elixirs. Ascending the ninja will reset all the buildings, skills & upgrades. The amount of elixir will depend on the total coins you earn. 

MOD Version of Tap Ninja

The MOD version of Tap Ninja includes the following feature.

  • Menu, Game Speed

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

How many types of buildings does this game have?

It has more than fifty types of buildings. For example, farms, sawmills, mines, barracks, markets, etc.

Does completing achievements affect income?

Yes. Each completed achievement increases your income by some percent. 

Final Words

Thanks for visiting. Tap Ninja is a good idle, role-playing game where you will control a ninja and upgrade his skills & attribute stats. You can build a huge town for more idle income. Additionally, it features challenges, events, quests, and achievements for earning unique rewards. There are pets too who will always remain by your side and aid your ninja in the battles. There is so much you can do in this game and have fun. So, get the game and upgrade the ninja from zero to the master level. 

Download Tap Ninja

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