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Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium
Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium Vr Mod

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium MOD Apk Download 1.69.0 (Free Shopping)


Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium MOD APK is an idle simulation game where you can build an amazing aquarium with varieties of fishes.

App Info of Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium

App Name

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Free Shopping

About Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium – Healing Aquarium is a simulation game offered by Wemade Connect. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. You can upgrade Corallite & Corals, collect vitalities, create varieties of fishes, and build an amazing Abyssrium. It features wide varieties of fish, multiple skills & artifacts, decoration items, and much more.

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Overview of Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium


Tap Tap Fish is an idle tapping game. In it, there is a corallite in the abyss. You have to tap on the screen to wake it up and collect vitalities. For each tap, you will get a certain amount of vitalities. With the vitalities, you can upgrade corallite, buy corals, and fish, and upgrade them. Corals auto-produce vitalities every second. When you buy a new coral, the maximum fish capacity also increases by 5. You can buy farms for seaweed, crabs, clams, sea urchin, etc, and also decorate the aquarium. Buy fish to make a lively aquarium. 

Upgrade Corallite & Corals

Upgrading the Corallite and Corals is the main part of the Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium. When you upgrade the corallite, it increases the vitalities per tap. And upgrading the corals increases the vitalities produced per second. After every 25 levels, their production is increased by 2x. Upgrading cost also increases with each upgrade. 

Skills & Artifacts

There are three skills and artifacts that unlock when you upgrade the corallite to levels 100, 300 & 500 in the AbyssRium. Skills effects remain for a certain period of time but artifacts’ effects are permanent. You can upgrade them with diamonds to increase their effects. Skills & artifacts are as follows:


Volcanic Eruption – When it is active, it taps the screen automatically 10 times per second for a certain period of time. Upgrading it will increase the active time. 

Delicious Food – With this skill, you will get the vitalities instantly equal to 5000 times the vitalities per tap. Upgrade it to increase the vitality multiplier. 

Song of the Moon – Use this skill to increase the production of vitality from both corallite and corals by 500% for a certain period of time. 


Remains of a Nautilus – It auto-taps the corallite at a constant rate. 

Mystic Shell – It increases the production of vitalities per tap by some percent. 

Glowing Conch – It reduces the cooldown time of all skills by 5% at level 1. You can upgrade it to increase the cooldown reduction. 

Varieties of Fish

There are many types of fish you can buy in the game. Fishes give you watermelon over time. With the watermelons, you can buy event fish and upgrade your crab skill. Buying a fish increases vitality production by 200%. You can only store a limited number of fish. To increase the capacity, you can buy corals. 

MOD Version of Tap

The MOD version of Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium has the following features.

Free Shopping – You can buy and upgrade everything in the game for free.

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Download Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium

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