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The House of Da Vinci
The House Of Da Vinci Mod

The House of Da Vinci MOD Apk Download 1.1.26 (Full Game Unlocked)


Play The House of Da Vinci MOD APK and solve all the puzzles & riddles to uncover the mysteries of Leonardo & his greatest invention.

App Info of The House of Da Vinci

App Name

The House of Da Vinci


( 14 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Full Game Unlocked

About The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci is a puzzle game offered by Blue Brain Games s.r.o. If you like 3D puzzle games and wanna try a 3D puzzle game with a combination of past stories & unseen mysteries, then this is the best game for you to try. It’ll challenge you to use all your wits.

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Story of The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci APK

The story is about Leonardo Da Vinci and you. You are an apprentice of Da Vinci. Leonardo created his masterpiece that’s much more powerful than all his previous inventions and had a fear for his invention. If it falls into wrong hands no one knows what will happen. So he hid it with the protection of lots of puzzles to protect it from the enemies. He had disappeared too. But he left a letter for you about this whole situation and trusts that you can solve this whole mystery. From now on your journey starts to solve everything.


The House of Da Vinci APK

In this game, you will get your master’s letter from a guard in which he wrote about the situation. You need to enter his house and find his invention by solving all his puzzles. In the starting, you need to open his house’s gate which includes a puzzle. It’s for practice how the puzzles are gonna be. Find the hidden parts, see if these are key parts or not, and where you can use them. Use the special device your master invented to see the things that the naked eyes can’t. Look for any clue in any corner, object, or in the past too.


The House of Da Vinci APK

Don’t worry, controls are easy, unlike the puzzles. You can easily master the controls so run your mind on solving the puzzles only. Double-tap on any object to go near it and again to focus on it. You can also pinch the screen out to focus on something. Pinch the screen in to zoom out. On the left side of the screen, you can see all the objects in your inventory. On the right side of the screen, you can see a device. Swipe up on it to use the Oculi Infinitum and swipe down on it to open Oculi Tempus. Tap on the device to deactivate these tools. You also need to do some actions through gestures as you need to do in real life for some actions like opening the lock with the key by rotating it, opening the drawer by swiping it out, etc.


The House of Da Vinci APK

Oculi Infinitum & Oculi Tempus are the tools invented by your master and you need these two tools to solve many puzzles. You will find Oculi Infinitum in the mailbox in the starting. With this tool, you can see marks, signs, and puzzles that you can’t see with naked eyes. There are also hidden hints in these unseen things to solve the puzzle. There are some puzzles that can’t be seen with Oculi Infinitum. You can use Oculi Tempus there which allows you to see some parts of the past. You can control the time in that certain past and see the event as many times as you want. See what happened there and solve the puzzle.

Download The House of Da Vinci

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