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Time Raiders
Time Raiders Apk

Time Raiders Apk Download 1.22.625633 (Latest Version)


Play Time Raiders to experience a fantastic storyline to the ancient catacombs and dungeons in search of mysterious relics and treasures. 

App Info of Time Raiders

App Name

Time Raiders


( 1 )




Role Playing

Requires Android

5.0 and up


Latest Version

About Time Raiders

Start your journey to find the long-lost secrets, treasures, and relics in mysterious dens and catacombs in Time Raiders. Do you have what it takes to fight against an army of undead, ghosts, zombies, and powerful bosses, and become the best raider? Prove your worth as a raider in this amazing game.

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Overview of Time Raiders

Time Raiders APK (1)
Time Raiders APK (1)

Time Raiders is an action-packed, role-playing multiplayer game offered by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Released a few months ago, this game is based on the movie & novel Time Raiders. Players will experience a fantastic storyline to the ancient catacombs and dungeons in search of mysterious relics and treasures. 


It’s an open-world game where you may choose to explore the world or complete story missions or side quests. At first, it will give you the option to choose a character to play the game as, and then run you through a quick tutorial of how to move, use weapons & abilities, interact with environmental elements, and proceed with the conversation & storyline. The controls are all displayed on the screen and you can easily use them with your thumb. 

Time Raiders APK (2)
Time Raiders APK (2)

You will see many NPCs and real players. You can interact with NPCs. If the main mission or side quest is available with that NPC, you will see an option on the right side while talking to him. Tap on that and they will start the mission. 

In the mission, you will explore a dungeon or den, and fight against undead creatures & ghosts. You can use your weapons and abilities to kill them. Enemies will drop items such as gold, weapons, equipment, etc. on death. The path may be blocked at some points. So, you will have to search your surroundings for something that can open it otherwise search for another path. 

On completing the mission, you will get rewards such as EXP, rating, chests, etc. EXP is required to level up your character. As you achieve higher levels, new game modes, game areas, events, and much other content will unlock. 

Three Unique Classes with Two Variants

It comes with three unique playable characters with unique sets of weapons & skills. You can choose Blademaster, Gunslinger, or Sage to play as. Blademaster uses his sword to cut down his enemies. He has the best control over his skills & weapon and also has the highest survival rate. 

Time Raiders APK (3)
Time Raiders APK (3)

Gunslinger uses his guns to shoot down the opponents from afar. No need to get close to enemies. With moderate damage and maximum shooting range, he is the best at supporting teammates. And Sage uses the Eight Trigrams and loaded umbrellas to RIP all of his enemies. He has the highest damage as well as attack range, but his HP is lowest in these three classes. 

Each character has two sets of skills. You can choose any set depending on your playstyle. They also have multiple types of basic attacks. They switch between basic attack types depending on the types of enemies you face to provide a better way to deal with them. Additionally, all skills are upgradable to improve their damage, skill CD, and range. 

Join Clans & Play with Clanmates

Want to play with other real players or friends? Then create your own clan & invite your friends or join your friends’ clans. It supports both chat and voice chat functionality. Talk with your friends over real-time voice chat or push-to-talk radio while playing the mission together. 

Time Raiders APK (4)
Time Raiders APK (4)

Clans also feature many events. You can play those events with your clanmates and against other clans. Complete objectives, earn points, and rank your clan higher in the rankings to get amazing rewards. If you are having a hard time completing any task, you can ask for help in the clan. Also, you can help them too when they need it. 

Challenge Powerful Bosses for Amazing Rewards

Leveling up to certain levels unlocks various challenges to powerful bosses. You can challenge and defeat them to get awesome rewards such as gold chests, high-level weapons & gears. To challenge a boss, you have to meet some requirements as well such as minimum required rating & character level. Also, once you complete the challenge, you can’t start it again. But the rewards you get at the first time are worth it. 

Explore Dungeons for Treasures

Every day, you can enter the dungeons twice and search for treasures. You can go solo or with up to 2 other players. Dungeons will be full of dangers. There will be illusions, someone’s nightmares materialized into real forms, and much more. You will have to be careful at all times and solve them. On solving the mysteries, you will get awesome rewards. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

Is it an open-world game?

Yes. It’s an open-world game. You can freely explore different parts of the world map. There are no restrictions that force you to complete missions or quests. 

How many players can play together in a team?

You can create a team of up to 3 players and complete events & missions together. 


Time Raiders is a fantastic brand-new open-world game with a huge map to explore and find long-lost relics & artifacts. Its storyline is fascinating and will take you to mysterious places like dungeons, catacombs & dens, filled with haunted ghosts & undead. Co-op game modes will let you complete missions with your friends & clanmates. And three unique characters with multiple skill sets & basic attack types give you many playstyles to play the game as you like. So, don’t wait anymore.

Download Time Raiders

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