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Top War Battle Game
Top War Battle Game MOD_result

Top War Battle Game Apk Download 1.444.0 (MOD Menu, Unlocked, Speed Game)


Play Top War MOD APK and build your ultimate base by defeating the dark legions who have taken over most of the world.

App Info of Top War Battle Game

App Name

Top War Battle Game


( 2 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


MOD Menu, Unlocked, Speed Game

About Top War Battle Game

Top War: Battle Game is a strategy game offered by Topwar Studio. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. If you like strategy games with base, troops, units, heroes, techs, and attacking other players, then it’s the best game that supports merge & upgrade gameplay. It features 50 powerful heroes, and 250+ army, navy & air force units.

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Overview of Top War

Top War Battle Game mod apk

In Top War, the Dark Legion army has taken over most of the part. You have to defeat them, take back the base and build your ultimate base with powerful unit force. Build the barracks to train units, gold mine for gold, basic war room to upgrade the level capacities of techs, and many other buildings. You can merge two same buildings or units to upgrade it to the next level. Unlock the locked areas, defeat the enemies who have captured that area, and expand your base.


Top War Battle Game mod apk

There are 3 types of units: Army, Navy & Air Force Units. Each unit has many kinds of units. More than 250+ units are available in it. Merge the units to get the next level of the unit with increased stats like rocket artillery, heavily armored vehicles, mech tanks, etc. The higher the levels of units, the higher the chance to defeat your enemies. You can train the units using barracks. You can also merge barracks to train high-level units so you don’t have to merge low-level units to get high levels.


Top War Battle Game mod apk

Play with 50 awesome heroes, each with unique skills in Top War Battle Game MOD APK. You can upgrade them to increase their war, def & cmd attributes and to level 100 to unlock all 5 skills. War attributes represent the expedition force unit’s attack, Def represents the unit’s HP, and Command attributes show the amount of Expedition force your hero can lead. Hero’s skills greatly affect the allies’ and enemies’ units. So use them to lead your units.

Basic War Room 

Top War Battle Game mod apk

The basic war room is the main building. Without it, you can’t unlock new units, barrack levels, and buildings. Upgrading the war room reduces the training speed of units and increases the marching queue. In it, you can also unlock new army units, navy units, air force units, and gold mine levels. You can upgrade the barracks, shipyard & airbase here so that whenever you buy any of these buildings, it will build the same level of building it is in a war room. It saves time and effort. 

World Map

Top War Battle Game mod apk

On the world map, you can see all other players’ bases, oil mines, dark forces, farmland, Lammer, gold mines, and enemies alliance fort. You can tap on any allied base to visit or send reinforcements. Tap on the enemy base to scout or attack them. Send your forces to collect resources. Defeat the dark forces for awesome rewards.


Gems and gold are the main resources. With the gems, you can buy pretty much everything from the shop like chests, items, gold, etc. You can use advanced scouting with gems. Gold is needed to buy new buildings, upgrade war rooms & all other buildings. Along with gold, merge plans & build plans are also used in upgrading. 

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Top War MOD APK Features

  • Tanks Unlocked
  • High Speed Up to 20x
  • Low Speed
  • No Ads

Download Top War Battle Game

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