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Tropical Forest MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Tropical Forest MOD Apk Download 2.17.8 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of Tropical Forest

App Name

Tropical Forest


( 3 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Tropical Forest

Hey there, from here, you can download Tropical Forest MOD APK which has unlimited coins & stars. Tropical Forest is a match-3 puzzle game offered by D.G. CEDARTREE PROJECT LTD. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Solve puzzles, create combos, use power-ups & clear hundreds of challenging levels to restore the resort on an amazing tropical island.

Overview of Tropical Forest

Tropical Forest MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The story in Tropical Forest Match 3 Story MOD APK is about Benjamin, or Benny in short, who works in the city. His childhood is spent on a tropical island with his friend & family and wishes to go there again. He also has a resort there. One day, he gets this chance to go there and meet his childhood friends. With no more delay, he goes on that island with you. There you meet his father, Alexander. There you & Benny come to know that if they didn’t take care of the resort, then they will lose ownership of it. Thus begin their adventure on the tropical island.


Tropical Forest MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

It has match-3 gameplay. To renovate the resort, you have to complete match-3 levels. In the level, there will be different types of fruits on the board. You have to swap fruits to match 3 or more fruits of the same type. The matched fruits will be removed from the board. You can create combos by matching the different numbers of fruits. To complete the level, achieve the given goals such as collecting X fruits. There will be a limited number of moves in each level to achieve all the goals. If you run out of moves, you will fail the level and lose a life out of 5. After losing all their lives, you have to wait for the lives to recharge to start the level. You will get a star and coins for completing the level. Stars are used to complete the task necessary to renovate the resort.


There are many types of combos in the Tropical Forest Match 3 MOD APK that you can create to clear large number of fruits.

Tropical Forest MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Firework – Match 4 fruits of the same type in a row or column to create a firework. Swap it with other fruit or double-tap it to use it. On using it, it will clear all 4 adjacent fruits.

Bomb – Match 5 fruits of the same type in a row, column, T, or L shape to create a bomb. You can swap it with other fruit or double-tap it to use it. It will clear all the fruits in a radius of 2-tiles.

Tropical Forest MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dynamite – Match 6 or more fruits of the same type to create dynamite. It’s super difficult to create. When you use it, it clears all the fruits in the 3-tiles radius.

Tropical Forest MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Rainbow Flower – When you use other combos, you get some kind of energy. This energy charges the rainbow flower. When the rainbow flower is fully charged with the energy, it swaps with a random flower on the board. When you swap it with any adjacent fruit, it clears all the fruits of that type from the board.

MOD Features

Coins are used to buy boosters & power-ups in this game. It can also be used to buy extra moves. And stars are used to complete the renovation tasks. But if you get stuck in a level and can’t clear it, then you can’t complete the tasks either. Therefore, in this Tropical Forest MOD APK Unlimited Money, you are getting unlimited stars & coins. No matter how much you spend, you will never run out of them. Buy as many boosters & power-ups as you want and use them in the levels to easily clear it.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. None of your entered data is shared with any party. It is completely safe to use.

How many combos can I create?

You can create 4 types of combos: Firework, Bomb, Dynamite & Rainbow Flower.

What features are we getting in this MOD?

You are getting unlimited stars & coins.

How many lives can I have?

You can have a maximum of 5 lives.


Thank you very much for reading this post. Tropical Forest MOD APK Latest Version has an interesting story and challenging match-3 puzzle gameplay. You will go through hundreds of levels and restore the resort. With this MOD, you will not be stuck on any level. Your coins & stars will increase as you spend them. Isn’t it interesting? So, what are you waiting for? Download it and enjoy its features. Have a nice day!

Download Tropical Forest

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