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World Truck Driving Simulator
World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK

World Truck Driving Simulator MOD Apk Download 1.392 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)


Play World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK and drive many types of trucks on different terrains with realistic driving controllers.

App Info of World Truck Driving Simulator

App Name

World Truck Driving Simulator


( 5 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money/Unlocked

About World Truck Driving Simulator

World Truck Driving Simulator is a simulation game offered by Dynamic Games Ltda. It has more than ten million downloads on the play store. Drive many types of trucks with realistic driving controllers & feel the real experience through different terrains.

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Overview of World Truck Driving Simulator


World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK

In the World Truck Driving Simulator game, you can drive a wide range of trucks. It has an open-world map so you can drive freely anywhere on the map. You can also take jobs to earn money. You have to take care of everything like the truck’s maintenance, fuel level, and cargo’s condition. Fill the fuel tank at the fuel station. It has toll booths, tax stations, and gas stations. You will drive the truck during the day as well as at night. Also, keep the speed of the truck in check around the corners, or truck & cargo can turn over. You can call the towing service if your truck crashes. The tow will take you to the nearest town. You will lose the job in this process. 


World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK

MOD World Truck Driving Simulator has realistic controllers to drive the truck. You can easily understand the controls but have to master them especially to steer the truck. You have to start the engine, then shift the gear and accelerate to drive. It has all the buttons for shifting the gears, accelerate, brakes, power brake, engine brake, alerts, cleaners, high light, low light, differential locks. There are four types of steering control schemes: Tilt, buttons, arrows & wheel. In arrows & buttons, you can adjust the sensitivity of steering and time to reset to its original position. You can also change the position of the driver sheet in the cabin. Set the air suspension in the cabin. You can change the gears manually too. 

Realistic Graphics & Physics

World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK

World Truck Simulator MOD APK has realistic graphics. Day & night visuals are amazing and give the real experience. You need to turn on the lights. The roads, terrains, climate & turns have great physics. On rainy days, you have to drive carefully on the roads as it will be hard to control the truck. Turning at high speed can cause the truck or cargo to go out of control and be overturned. 

Trucks & Customization

World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK

It includes 80+ trucks of different types. Drive a 4×2 truck, 6×2, or an 8×2 truck. These types of trucks are used to transport trailers and cargo. 4, 6 & 8 are the number of tires in the rear. With increased numbers, their capability to handle heavy-weight cargo and power increases. There are also rigid trucks, rigid closed trucks, and tipper trucks. You can customize the truck’s color, color’s intensity, wheels color, mudguard, glass, and also the sound of the engine & horn. 

Complete Jobs & Earn Money

World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK

There are many types of jobs you can take to earn money. Money is an important resource in the game to refuel your truck, its maintenance, towing services, etc. You can deliver the cargo to the location. You can see the route in the GPS. If you call for the towing service in between the job, it will cancel the job.

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Download World Truck Driving Simulator

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