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XEFX - D3D Camera MOD Apk Download 2.2.6 (VIP Unlocked)


Use XEFX MOD APK to convert your dull pics into stunning pics using dynamic stickers, 3D effects, filters, and varieties of text animations.

App Info of XEFX - D3D Camera

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XEFX - D3D Camera


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Requires Android

5.0 and up


VIP Unlocked

About XEFX - D3D Camera

XEFX – D3D Camera & Photo Animator & Wallpaper is a photography application offered by ryzenrise. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store. You can edit your photos with the best features of XEFX like d3d effects, stickers, magic sky, photo animator, and a huge collection of filters.

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Overview of XEFX – D3D Camera & Photo Animator & Wallpaper

XEFX is a photo editor application that lets users edit their photos and convert them into animations, gifs, live wallpapers, and videos. It comes with dynamic stickers, 3D effects, filters, sky & water effects, and varieties of text animations. They can easily convert their dull pics into stunning videos, gifs, or wallpapers just like a professional. It also has premade templates. You can use those templates for any of your pics. With just one tap, your pic will be ready. Your creativity is not restricted in this app. With all its features, you will have unlimited possibilities to create amazing pics. So, no more posting dull photos on social apps. Use this app and share stunning photos with your friends.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate and edit your pics. It has two tabs: Tools and Templates on the home screen that you can navigate using the buttons given at the bottom bar. In the tools tab, it shows the list of all editing tools. And in the template tab, it shows the premade templates that you can use with one tap to apply all its effects to any selected pic. At the bottom of the screen, it displays a “+” button to select a photo for editing. You can also capture a photo with the camera icon. In the editor interface, it shows all the tools at the bottom bar and their effects at the upper bar.

Water & Sky Effects

Magic sky and water are the best features of the XEFX. You can make the water or sky in your pic move. It has a huge collection of skies & water. Select any pic with the sky in it and then choose any sky effect you want. It will automatically detect the sky and will make it move. You are not just limited to natural-looking skies. It includes fantasy, anime, dynamic, nebula, diablo, oil paints, wonders, vaporwave, dinosaurs, thunder, animal, full moon, starlight, space, aurora, sci-fi, cartoon, rainbow, and many more types.

Filters & 3D Effects

Colors are dull? Don’t worry. You can enhance your pic’s colors with hundreds of preset filters in the XEFX. Use natural, beauty, landscape, or vintage filters in the photos. It also has 3D effects. You can add floating hearts, flying butterflies, Star Wars swords, summoning circles, spaceships, wings, superpower effects, lightning, flames, snow, and many more. Videos of superpowers are becoming more popular on social apps these days. Create your videos & share them with your friends on Insta.

MOD Version of XEFX

The MOD version of XEFX has the following features.

Pro Unlocked – All its pro features are unlocked, and the watermark is removed.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

What is XEFX?

XEFX is an editing application that has tools to convert pics into videos & live wallpapers.

What are the features we are getting in it?

Magic Sky, Dynamic Stickers, D3D Effects, Live Wallpaper Creator, Preset Filters including the pro effects.

Can I create GIFs with this app?

Yes. When you are done with your editing process, you will get the option to save it as GIF, video & wallpaper.

Is it safe to use this APK?

Yes. It is completely safe to use XEFX. No login or signup is required. Also, no need to root the device.


Thank you very much for reading this post. XEFX provides you with hundreds of effects & filters along with dynamic stickers & music tracks. It’s one of the best applications to edit your pics and convert them into videos. You can also create live wallpaper with its help. Isn’t that amazing? So, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments. Have a nice day. 

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