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Zombie Castaways
Zombies Castaways Mod APK

Zombie Castaways MOD Apk Download 4.50.3 (Unlimited Money)


App Info of Zombie Castaways

App Name

Zombie Castaways


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up


Unlimited Money

About Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways is an adventure simulation game offered by VIZOR APPS LTD. It has more than ten million downloads on the Play Store. Build & decorate your islands and go on a journey from island to island to find the zombie’s love.

Overview of Zombies Castaways

Zombies Castaways Mod APK

A zombie fell in love with a human. You have to help the zombie to find his love who is now many islands away. You will find the signboards on the way. Follow these signboards to make your way and get to your destination. But it’s not that easy. The whole island is covered with clouds except a small part and full of trees, stones, bushes & other obstacles.

You have to clear all these obstacles to open more of the area of the island. You will need pickaxes, axes, and knives to clear stones, trees, bushes, etc. There are also treasures in which you will get many items and tools. You will need the items to build buildings & boats. Boats are required to unlock new islands and travel there. Manage your island, collect resources, construct buildings, make boats, and travel to the last island. 

Zombie Workers

Zombies Castaways Mod APK

There are some islands like Big Island where you can’t use tools to do any work. You will need workers on these islands who will work for you. There are cooks, miners, woodcutters, and hunters. Miners are used for breaking stones, woodcutters for trees, and hunters for collecting valuable resources. You can collect the items at regular intervals. Workers need brains to work. But you can buy brainy workers who don’t need brains to do work.


Zombies Castaways Mod APK

For constructions, you will need many items such as nails, boards, springs, T-bones, scrolls, bulbs, amethyst, etc. There are so many buildings to make these items. You can make cement & paint in the mill; tiles, pillows, plywood & superglue in the castle and glass, light & books in the library. Likewise, for every item, there are many buildings. Wells are the first buildings you see in the game that provide basic tools like pickaxe, ax, etc. You will get some tools every three minutes from the wells. 


Zombies Castaways Mod APK

Secret Island, Toys Island, Pirate Island, Flying Island, Giant’s Island, explore unique islands, totally different plants, landscape, and meet other zombies. You will face many challenges on each island. There are also some time-limited islands where you can find awesome treasures such as Star Island, Tropical Island, etc. You can varieties of crops that you have never seen and cook unique dishes. 


Zombies Castaways Mod APK

Gold, tools, brains & tickets are the main resources. Gold is used to buy new buildings, hire workers, decorations, new areas, and seeds. Tools are the most important resource that is needed all the time for breaking the stones, cutting the trees & bushes. If you don’t have tools, you can’t make any progress. Tickets are like premium currency in the game. With these, you can buy anything and finish any process in an instant. 

Download Zombie Castaways

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