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Age Of Magic
Age Of Magic Rpg Strategy Mod

Age Of Magic MOD Apk Download 2.16.1 (Menu/Damage/Immortal)


Play as the last true mage in the Age of Magic MOD APK and defeat the legion of abyss demons & Abbaddon to save Arrat.

App Info of Age Of Magic

App Name

Age Of Magic


( 1 )





Requires Android

5.0 and up



About Age Of Magic

Age of Magic is a role-playing turn-based strategy game offered by Playkot LTD. It has more than five million downloads on the Play Store with a 4.5 rating out of 5. It features 120 unique heroes of light & darkness, 2 story campaigns, 7+ game modes, and clans to join & play with friends. 

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Age Of Magic MOD APK (1)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (1)

This story is about a True Mage and a demon lord named Abbaddon. Only True Mages are capable of killing demons. Abbaddon is obsessed with power and wants to rule everything that exists in the universe. But a legendary dragon, Orobororus, tells a prophecy that one True Mage will enter the Dark Tower and will save the universe by defeating all the demons & Abbaddon. 

To stop that from happening, Abbadon kills all the mages that exist in the world. Now only one True Mage is left. Roland, the last true mage. He is the only one who can save Arrat and defeat the legion of abyss demons & Abbaddon. But his journey to the Dark Tower will not be an easy one. He will face many hardships on the way. Will he be able to overcome all that will come his way? Will he be able to reach the Dark Tower and save the universe? Play as Ronald in this game and find out. 

Age Of Magic MOD APK (2)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (2)


It’s a turned-based strategy game. In this game, you will have to form a team of 5 heroes to battle against the forces of the darkness. When selecting any level, it shows the number of rounds and the enemy’s lineup & their levels in each round. 

In the battle, your heroes will be on the left side and enemies on the right side. It will show all the skills of the hero on the right bottom side. You can tap on the enemy to target it and then on the skill to use it & attack the enemy. Also, you can tap & hold on to any hero or enemy to know more about them & their skills. 

Age Of Magic MOD APK (3)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (3)

Game Modes

There are more than 7 game modes in this game such as Light Campaign, Dark Campaign, Arena, Valley of Treasures, Tomb of Horrors, Challenges, Tournaments, etc. Each mode has unique rules, stories, and rewards. For instance, clearing levels of the Valley of Treasures rewards you with ability cubes which are used to upgrade heroes’ skills. 

In the arena, you will compete against real players from around the world. And the tournaments are for the strongest players where your strategy & skills are truly challenged. If you want to check out how far your heroes can go, enter the tomb of horrors mode where the HP regeneration & hero resurrection are off-limit. 

Age Of Magic MOD APK (4)
Age Of Magic MOD APK (4)

MOD Version Age of Magic

The MOD version of Age of Magic includes a Menu that lets you activate/deactivate various features. The features are as follows.


God Mode

Want to get three stars in all levels, but the enemies are too strong? No problem. Enabling the God mode will make all your heroes immortal. Then no matter how much damage your heroes receive, their HP will not drop even a single unit. As no heroes die in the battle, you will get three stars on all levels. 

One Hit Kill

Tanks, mini-bosses, and bosses have high HP and it consumes a lot of moves to kill them. If you want to end the level within as few moves as possible, enable the one-hit kill feature. When enabled, even a level 1 hero can kill the enemy in just one hit.

Instant Skill Cooldown

All special skills have a cooldown period during which you can’t use them. And they do have a great impact on the battle. If you are tired of waiting for the skills to cool down, try this feature. It will reduce all skills’ cooldown period to zero turns. You can use skills instantly without waiting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-Answers:

Is this APK safe to use?

Yes. It doesn’t require rooting for the installation. It’s malware-free, virus-free, and entirely safe for use.

What is the dark campaign in the Age of Magic?

The dark campaign is a story mode in which you will play as Sharazar and your objective is to hunt down the last True Mage, Roland. 

Can I play this game with my friends?

Yes. It has a clan feature. You can create your clan or join your friends’ clans and play with them. You can also add the sixth hero from your friends’ collection to your lineup.


Age of Magic is the best RPG & turn-based strategy game with amazing 3D graphics. Its campaign modes will take you on two different stories – the first to the light, and the second to the darkness.

Download Age Of Magic

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